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Books noticed: PAGE
"Drainage for Health" (Wilson) 121
"The Care and Culture of Children" (Sozinskey) 122
"Baldwin Locomotive Works' Catalogue" 122
"'Change' as a Mental Restorative" (Mortimer-Granville) 122
"Pueblo Pottery" (Putnam) 122
"Adam Smith" (Farrer) 122
"The Devonian Insects of New Brunswick" (Scudder) 123
"Orange Insects" (Ashmead) 123
"Rural School Architecture" (Clark) 123
"English Rural Schools" (Hulbert) 123
"Electric Lighting by Incandescence" (Sawyer) 124
"The Cause of Color among Races" (Sharpe) 124
"The Boy-Engineers" (Lukin) 125
"American Sanitary Engineering" (Philbrick) 125
"The Food of Fishes" (Forbes) 125
"Extracts from Chordal's Letters" 126
"Tide-Tables for 1881" 126
"Report on the Marine Isopoda of New England" (Harger) 126
"A Syllabus of Anglo-Saxon Literature" (Hart) 126
"Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Colorado" 126
"Papilio" 126
"Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects" (Helmholtz) 269
"The Human Body" (Martin) 270
"Victor Hugo: his Life and Works" (Barbou) 271
"The Telescope" (Nolan) 271
"Sight; Monocular and Binocular Vision" (Le Conte) 272
"Sketches and Reminiscences of the Radical Club" (Sargent) 272
"Our Native Ferns" (Underwood) 273
"Drugs that enslave" (Kane) 273
"Reminiscences of Dr. Spurzheim and George Combe" (Capen) 273
"History of the Free-Trade Movement in England" (Mongredieu) 273
"Is Consumption contagious?" (Clapp) 274
"The Spirit of Education" (Bsau) 274
"Electricity in Relation to Medicine and Surgery" (Rockwell) 274
"The Logic of Christian Evidences" (Wright) 274
"First German Book" (Worman) 274
"General Physiology of Muscles and Nerves" (Rosenthal) 412
"The Old Testament in the Jewish Church" (Smith) 413
"Trance and Trancoidal States in the Lower Animals" (Beard) 416
"Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia" 417
"United States Entomological Commission Report on Rocky Mountain Locust" 417
"Coöperation as a Business" (Barnard) 417
"Contributions to the Anatomy of the Milk-weed Butterfly" (Burgess) 418
"Locke's Conduct of the Understanding" (Fowler) 418
"Middletown Scientific Association. Occasional Papers" (Gardner) 418
"Railroads and Telegraphs" (Giddings) 418
"The Diet-Cure" (Nichols) 418
"Modern Architectural Details" (Bicknell and Comstock) 418