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I N D E X.

Advertisements, Quack 121
Africa, Elephant-Service 860
America, Ancient Sun-Worship and the Cross in 711
American Forestry 419
Anæsthetics, The Manageable Zone of 716
Animal and Plant Life, A Partnership of 835
Animals, Domestic, The Introduction of 246
Animal Self-Defense. (Illustrated.) 595
Anthropology, Suggestions to Observers in 139
Apo, The Mysterious Volcano of 429
Aquarides, The, or July Meteors 424
Archaeological Researches, American 561
Architecture, Acoustic 454
Area of the United States, Calculating the 572
Arnold, Matthew 737
Aryans. The Original Home of the 571
Association, The American 561
Association, The American 855
Association, The British 562
Astronomical Panics 192
Astronomical Symbols, Origin of the 425
Astronomy, Chaldean 858
Atlantic Coast, Old and New Latitudes on the 574
Aurora Borealis, Forms of 286
Ayres, Dr. W. O. 350

Bachelor, O. R., M.D. 100
Bacteria, Disadvantages and Advantages of 709
Badoureau, M. 391
Beecher on Theology and Evolution 697
Bell, Sir Charles, and Physiological Experimentation 178
Bill, M. B. 788
Bird, A Gigantic Fossil. (Illustrated.) 467
Book-Men, The 470
Books noticed:
"Physical Education" (Oswald) 127
"Voyage of the Vega" (Nordenskiold) 128
"Origin and Growth of Religion" (Davids) 130
"Bacteria" (Cohn) 131
"Beliefs about Man" (Savage) 131
"Transactions of the Georgia Medical Association" (Campbell) 131
"The Universe" (Pouchet) 132
"The Gospel of the Stars" (Seiss) 132