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Books noticed: PAGE
"John Stuart Mill" (Bain) 551
"Medical Adviser in Life Insurance" (Sieveking) 552
"Geological Survey of New Jersey" (1881) 553
"From River to Sea" (Gleed) 553
"Political Institutions" (Spencer) 553
"Production of the Precious Metals in the United States" (King) 554
"Hand-Book of Invertebrate Zo├Âlogy" (Brooks) 554
"The Floating Matter of the Air" (Tyndall) 555
"A Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (Grove) 556
"Our Homes" (Hartshorne) 556
"The Wine Question" (Ellis) 556
"The Rhymester" (Hood) 556
"The Books of all Time" (Leypoldt and Jones) 556
"A Reading Diary of Modern Fiction" 557
"Practice of Commercial Organic Analysis" (Allen) 557
"Currency" (Willson) 557
"History of the Water-Supply of the World" (Bell) 558
"Dictionary of the French Language" (Masson) 558
"How the Great Prevailing Winds and Ocean-Currents are produced" (Taber) 558
"Primary Helps" (for the Kindergarten) (Hailmann) 558
"Geology of the Henry Mountains" (Gilbert) 559
"A Bibliography of Fossil Insects" (Scudder) 559
"Tables for the Determination, Description, and Classification of Minerals" (Foye) 559
"A Geographical Reader" (Johonnot) 699
"The Science of Ethics" (Stephen) 700
"Modern Applications of Electricity" (Hospitalier) 700
"Etymological Dictionary of the English Language" (Skeat) 701
"Our Merchant Marine" (Wells) 702
"Science Ladders" (D'Anvers) 702
"The Gospel of Law" (Stewart) 703
"Manual of Object-Teaching" (Calkins) 703
"Treatment of Common Accidents and Diseases" (Turner) 703
"Good Cheer" 703
"Copyright in Books" (Dawson) 704
"Treatise on Diseases of the Skin" (Duhring) 704
"Errors in the Use of English" (Hodgson) 704
"American College Directory" 705
"What is Bright's Disease?" (Pancoast) 705
"Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason'" (Morris) 705
"Psychology of the Salem Witchcraft" (Beard) 706
"Geological Sketches" (Geikie) 706
"Natural Religion" (by the author of "Ecce Homo") 847
"Ernestine" (Von Hillern) 850
"Practical Microscopy" (Davis) 851
"Guide to the Flora of Washington and Vicinity" (Ward) 852
"Reminiscences of Oriel College" (Mozely) 853
"Students' Guide in Quantitative Analysis" (Bolton) 854
"Astronomy for Schools and General Readers" (Sharpless) 854
Borax in America. (Illustrated.) 350