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like Fig. 6, have circular holes drilled into them, and were probably used for loosening the ground in agricultural labors. Here also we have similar pieces found in Switzerland, and Fig. 7 is copied from Dr. Keller's

PSM V22 D465 Horns used as ancient agricultural implements.jpg
Fig. 6.

book, before mentioned.[1] The same idea has evidently actuated the makers of both these articles. Still other implements of horn are known as skin-dressers. These are made of the broad bases of deer-horn, sometimes six or eight inches long and four inches wide. They

PSM V22 D465 Ancient agricultural or skinning tool.jpg
Fig. 7.

are polished at the broad end by constant use, so that they look like ivory. Occasionally one is found with a hole bored in it, but such are exceptional, and were perhaps used for another purpose. Here, again, we find relics of a similar character in Switzerland, as figured by Dr. Keller,[2]

Bone beads are also found with the other relics. These vary in length from one to three inches, and are often very highly polished.

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