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and marks of another where the relic has been broken. How much longer it was we can not tell. In Fig. 14 we have still another tube,

PSM V22 D467 Comb made of bone 1.jpg
Fig. 11.

with only three holes, placed farther apart than in the preceding, and oblong instead of round; and in Keller[1]there is figured almost an

PSM V22 D467 Comb made of bone 2.jpg
Fig. 12.

exact counterpart, except that the center hole is placed a little below the level of the other two. This last is called a weaver's shuttle, and, if our relic may be similarly named, we have evidence that weaving

PSM V22 D467 Prehistoric flute made of bone.jpg
Fig. 13.

was another occupation of this people. And other facts are at hand to show that they did weave. Among the stone relics is one of those peculiar oblong pieces of polished slate which have sometimes gone by

PSM V22 D467 Prehistoric weaving tool made from bone.jpg
Fig. 14.

the name of "gorgets." These pieces have one to three holes drilled through them, supposed to have been made to carry the object by. Still another and more probable purpose, however, is for weaving, the

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