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Books noticed: PAGE
"Aboriginal American Authors" (Brinton) 846
"Cassell's Family Magazine" 847
"Natural Philosophy" (Sharpless and Philips) 847
"Transactions of the American Dermatological Association" (Van Harlingen) 847
"Winter Resorts of Florida," etc. (Graves) 847
"God and the State" (Bakunin) 848
"Movements of the Atmosphere" (Ferrel) 848
"Elementary Botany" (Macloskie) 848
"The Sun not at Rest" (Tischner) 848
"Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (Grove) 848
"Evolution" (Adams) 849
"Qualitative Chemical Analysis" (Beilstein) 849
"Manual of Chemistry" (Watts) 849
"Geology of the Eureka District" (Hague) 850
"United States Geological Survey, Second Report" (Powell) 850
"The Natural Genesis" (Massey) 850
"Contents of a Bone-Cave" (Cope) 851
"Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwin" 851
"Report on Oyster-Beds" (Winslow) 851
"Explosive Materials" (Berthelot) 852
"Ores of Leadville" (Ricketts) 852
"Berly's Electoral Directory" 852
"Recherches sur des DiatomTes" (Prinz and Van Ermengen) 853
"Geological Survey of Alabama" (Smith) 853
"Report on Injurious Insects of New York" (Lintner) 853
"Drainage and Sewerage of Dwellings" (Gerhard) 853
"The Trichiniasis Question" 853
Boys and Girls, Growth of 571
Brazil, Science in 428
British Association, The 278
Brush, E. F., M. D. 793
Bulbs, The Poisonous Principle of 282
Building-Stones, Durability of 855
Burnett, Swan M., M. D. 813
Buzzards, How, find their Prey 425

Caribs, The, and the Greeks 716
Caro, M. E. 191
Carter, Joseph 90
Chad, Lake, Trees of 137
Chance, The Illusion of 209
Changes, Recent Geological, in Western Michigan 826
Check-Reins, Use and Abuse of 281
Child, A. L., M. D. 259
China, Deforestization and Floods in 142
Choate, J. B. 248
Cholera, Bacteria and 429
Circumstances, The Control of 335
City, Magnetism of a Great 429