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Books noticed: PAGE
"Sea-Sickness" (Hudson) 418
"Cumulative Method for learning German" (Dreyspring) 418
"Quest)es Hygienicas" (Farinha) 418
"Dangers to Health" (Teale) 419
"Limestones and Marbles" (Burnham) 419
"Muster Altitalienischer Leinenstickerei" (Lipperheide) 420
"Report on Division of Philosophical Faculty" (University of Berlin) 420
"Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission" 421
"Animal Life" (Wright) 421
"Mineral Resources of the United States" (Williams) 421
"Ueber das Galvanische Verhalten der Amalgame des Zinkes und des Cadmiums" (Robb) 421
"Physician's Visiting List for 1884" 422
"Handy Book of Object-Lessons" (Walker) 422
"King's Hand-Book of Boston" 422
"World-Life" (Winchell) 561
"Man a Creative First Cause" (Hazard) 564
"The Organs of Speech" (Von Meyer) 565
"Ocean Grove Camp-Meeting Association" (Report) 566
"The Evolutionary Significance of Human Character" (Cope) 567
"Horses, their Feed and their Feet" (Page) 567
"Photo-Micrographs" (Sternberg) 567
"Pamphlets on Sewer-Gas and Typhoid Fever" (Hamilton and Ayer) 568
"The Influence of Athletic Games upon Greek Art" (Waldstein) 568
"Index to Articles on History, Biography, Literature, Society, and Travel" (Griswold) 568
"A Physician's Sermon to Young Men" (Pratt) 568
"Hydraulic Tables" (Flynn) 569
"The Oyster Epicure" 569
"Excursions of an Evolutionist" (Fiske) 706
"Fallacies" (Sidgwick) 707
"A Natural History Reader" (Johonnot) 708
"Lectures on Painting" (Armitage) 709
"Archivos do Museu National do Rio de Janeiro" (Netto) 709
"Tertiary History of the Grand CaƱon District" (Dutton) 710
"Electricity in Theory and Practice" (Fiske) 710
"Mounds of the Mississippi Valley" (Carr) 711
"Materia Medica and Therapeutics" (Bartholow) 711
"Human Proportion and Anthropometry" (Fletcher) 711
"Motions of Fluids and Solids" (Ferrel) 712
"Meteorological and Physical Observations" (Sherman) 712
"Report of United States Life-saving Service," 1882 712
"Distribution of Rainfall in United States" (Dunwoody) 712
"North Atlantic Cyclones of August, 1883" (Southerland) 712
"Horological and Thermometrical Bureau of Yale College Observatory" (Waldo) 712
"Chemical Problems" (Foye) 713
"Steam-Heating" (Briggs) 713
"Hand-Book of Sanitary Information" (Tracy) 844
"Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics" (Stallo) 845