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Eye-sight, Defective 357
Eyes, Why the, of Animals, shine in the Dark 813

Farming in Japan 284
Farrer, J. A. 53
Feet, the, Fashion and Deformity in 645
Female Education from a Medical Point of View 214
Female Education from a Medical Point of View 319
Fernald, F. A. 491
Fever and Ague, The March of 425
Fingal's Cave, Fact and Fancy regarding 856
Fires, Origin of, in London 862
Fishes, Food-, of Lake Erie 426
Fiske, Lieutenant Bradley A. 742
Fluid Currents, Carrying Power of 555
Fodders, Artificial Drying of 285
Food, Communicability of Disease by 138
Food-Fishes of Lake Erie 426
Foot-prints, Human, in Stratified Rock 262
Forbes, George J. 409
Force, Vital, Physiological Significance of 760
Forel, F. A. 306
Forests, The Geographical Distribution of 115
Fossils, Ideas about 279
Foster, Thomas 187
Foster, Thomas 311
Foster, Thomas 808
Fox, George Henry, M. 797
France, The Check in the Growth of 718
Function and Structure 573
Funeral-Weddings, Karen 427

Gas, Electricity from 286
Gases, Effect of, on Insects 860
Genius and Heredity 191
Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Etienne, Sketch of 403
Geology, Some Unsolved Problems in 61
Germany, The Classical Question in 289
Glacial Period, the, Temperature of 571
Glacial Theories at the American Association 276
Glaser, Professor L. 484
Greek in the Colleges 424
"Greek Question," The 1
Greeks, The Caribs and the 716
Greer, Henry 254
Grim, George W. 207
Grim, George W. 411
Growth of Boys and Girls 571

Habitation, The, and the Atmosphere 169
Hallock, Edward J., Ph.D. 831
Happiness, The Morality of 187
Happiness, The Morality of 311
Happiness, The Morality of 469
Happiness, The Morality of 808
Harding, A. C. 530
Hasheesh, An Overdose of 509