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Sanitary Engineering. A Course of Study recently established at the school of Mines of Columbia College, New York.

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Possibility of Errors in Scientific Researches due to Thought Transference. By E. C. Pickering. From Proceedings of American Society for Psychical Research. Pp. 43.

Contributions to our Knowledge of Sewage. By William Ripley Nichols and C. R. Allen. Pp. 6.

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The Chronicle Fire-Tables for 1885. A Record of the Fire-Losses in the United States, by Risks, States, and Causes during 1885, with Exhibits of the Monthly. Annual, and Aggregate Fire-Losses in the United States and Canada during the Years 1875-1884. New York: "The Chronicle." 1885. Pp 150.

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Malaria and the Eucalyptus.—The experiment of preventing malaria by plantations of eucalyptus-trees at Tre Fontaine, near Rome, has failed. While the eucalyptus-trees thrive, the malaria continues. Fevers prevailed there in 1880, and even during the season, exceptionally healthy at Rome, of 1882, and under circumstances which made the epidemic seem largely local. A government commission has been appointed to examine into the matter, on the application of Professor Tommasi-Crudelli, who suggests that, until the inquiry is completed, conjectures as to the cause of the visitation be abstained from. The facts are, however, he says, practically instructive, "proving as they do once more to what risks of mistake we expose ourselves if we hold a priori that the methods which have resulted in a permanent improvement of one malarious locality can be usefully applied to all. The condition of permanent improvement is that of so modifying the physical conditions and the chemical composition of the soil as to render it incapable of producing the malarial ferment. If all malarious soils were similarly situated and had the same chemical composition, we should be certain of obtaining a permanent improvement in them by the adoption of a system of cultivation by which this result has been brought about in any one of them; but, unfortunately, malaria is produced in soils whose situation and chemical composi-