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Spencer Facts for 525
Sphere and Limits of Science 105
Spiders' Engineering 112
Sponges 524
"Glass (Illustrated) 529
Squirrel, A Blood sucking 399
State Geological Surveys 226
"Steam-Boiler Explosions" (by Colburn) Notice of 777
Stone Age in Italy 111
Surgical Operations, Traces of inherited 521
Surveys, Geological 226
""in their Educational Bearings 243
Sympathetic Vibrations in Machinery 737

Telegraphs Electric. (Illustrated.) 401
"The Microscope and Microscopically Technology" (by Frey), Notice of 121
"The Sanitarian" 650
Theological Bias 340
"Theoretical Navigation and Nautical Astronomy" (by Clark), Notice of 393
Theorizing, Scientific 245
Tongueless Speech 627
"Too materialistic" 644
Torrey, Prof. John, Sketch of. (Portrait) 632
Transfusion of Blood 509
Trees, Longevity of. (Illustrated.) 321
Tyndall's Prof, Deed of Trust 100
Tyndall, Prof., Letter from 241
Typhus, Causes of 124

Utilization of Waste Coal 778
"Unity of Natural Phenomena" (by Saigey), Notice of 772
University, A National 689

"Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine" 122
Vegetable Forms, Lowly 469
Vegetable Ivory 251
Venus on the Sun's Face 355
Vibrations Sympathetic, in Machinery 737
Viviparous Fly 398
Volcanic Gases, Poisonous 780
Vulcan, The Planet 396

Waste Coal, Utilization of 778
Wave-Action in Nature. (Illustrated.) 1
Waves of Light and Sound 519
Weather and Sun 479
Whales, Habits of 124
Wine and Spirits, Effects of Freezing on 654