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Evolution and Religious Thought (Le Conte) 311
Evolution, What American Zooölogists have done for (Morse) 100
Evolution, What American Zoölogists have done for (Morse) 492
Evolution: What it is Not, and What it Is 636
Exceptions to the Rule of Laissez-Faire 138
Exhibition, The International Competitive, at Brussels 424
Explosives, Efficiency of 714

Fernald, Frederik A. 87
Fernow, B. E. 225
Fibers, Mineral 430
Fictional Astronomy (Beebe) 122
Fielde, Adèle M. 796
Figs, The Time of (Huntoon) 842
Fig-Tree, "The Blighted," Professor Huxley and (Huntoon) 697
Fishes, The Family-Life of (Hennings) 777
Flamingoes at Home (Blake) 682
Flora, North American, Antiquity of 570
Flowers, Californian Dry-Winter (Halsted) 770
Food, Mineral Constituents of 860
Forestry-Problem. Our (Fernow) 225
Fruit-Diet, Some Advantages of 710
Fungi, Parasitic, Injuries caused by 428

Geography, Geikie on the Teaching of (Fernald) 87
Glacial Drift, How the, was deposited 860
Glaciation on the Pacific Coast 429
Glacier? What is a 857
Glass, Optical, New Kinds of 858
Glass-Snake, a, Dissection of (Conklin) 122
Gore, J. H. 261
Granger Movement, The Outcome of the (Pierson) 368
Granger Movement, The Rise of the (Pierson) 199
Graphite, What is? 283
Gray, Professor, Death of (Editorial) 845
Greene, Thomas L 697
Ground-Water and Health 285
Guessing, Curiosities of 572

Hale, Horatio 340
Halsted, Professor Byron D 770
Handiwork Teaching in Swedish Schools 713
Health, Ground-Water and 285
Heating, Roundabout 574
Henderson, Professor C. H. 529
Hennings, Karl 777
Herrick, Francis H. 315
How it works (Editorial) 846
Hubbard, Bela 373
"Human Responsibility," The "Act of God" and (Editorial) 555
Huntoon, J. W., M.D. 697
Huntoon, J. W., M.D. 842