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Huxley, Professor, and the "Bliglited Fig-Tree" (Huntoon) 697
Huxley, Professor T. H. 166
Huxley, Professor T. H. 352
Huxley, Professor T. H. 732
Hypnotism in Disease and Crime (Binet and Féré) 763

Ice-Supply, Our, and its Dangers (Prudden) 668
Idiosyncrasies of Plants 142
Indians, The, of British Columbia (Boas) 628
Indian Villages in New York 427
Individuality in our Schools (Marvin) 841
Inheritance, Curious Facts of 688
Insects resembling Minerals 862
Instruction, Oral and Text-Book 574
Interference, Governmental, with Production and Distribution (Wells) 289
International Copyright (Editorial) 409
Interstate Commerce Law, The (Greene) 697
Interstate, The, "Long and Short Haul" (Wood) 537
Inventions at Panama (Weld) 145

Jackson, J. Hughlings, M.D. 327
Joking, The Psychology of (Jackson) 327

Kappler, August 396
Kellogg, Theodore H., M.D. 387
Kennedy, William Sloane 782
Kitchen College, A (Davis) 96
Krakatoa Dust, How the, was carried 858

Laissez-Faire, Exceptions to the Rule of 138
Lakes, Siberian, The Drying up of 139
Language, Race and (Hale) 340
Larrabee, William H. 619
Law, The Forms and Failures of (Snyder) 751
Le Conte, Joseph 17
Le Conte, Joseph 311
Lesson, A Great (Argyll) 241
Lime-Salts in the Food and the Teeth 716
Liquors, Strong, Origin of 140
Literary Notices 126
Literary Notices 271
Literary Notices 413
Literary Notices 558
Literary Notices 702
Literary Notices 848
Literary Piracy, English 424
Lockyer's (Mr.) Theory of the "Cosmos" 569
Long and Short Haul, The (Wood) 842
Loss, Preventable, in Agriculture 426
Luminous Organs, The, of an Insect 139
Lyman, Chester S., Sketch of 116

McAnally, D. R. 71
Maple-Sugar, Notes about 572
Marvin, D. S. 841
Metals, The, of Ancient Chaldea (Berthelot) 220
Metals, the Precious, Changes in the Relative Values of (Wells) 170
Milk, Sewage Farm, Qualities of 287