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Rattle, a Snake's, The Use of 429
Receiverships, The Dangers of (Bartol) 236
Refuse, Organic, Mistakes in treating 714
Religious Thought, Evolution and (Le Conte) 311
Reptiles, Useful 859
Richards, Professor Eugene L. 721
Rich Men's Duties to Themselves 571
Rocks, Genesis of "Original" 714
Rogers, Lieutenant Charles C. 447
Royse, M. K. 554
Ruby-Mines, The, of Burmah 716

Savagery, The, of Boyhood (Mills) 266
Schellenberg, F. B. 122
Science and Practical Life (Huxley) 166
Science and Revelation (Stokes) 47
Science and the Bishops (Huxley) 352
Science in Harness (Editorial) 123
Science, The Contradictions of (Editorial) 701
Scientific Habits of Thought (Editorial) 842
Seeley, Professor, on Classical Training (Editorial) 700
Sensations, Deceptive 428
Serviss, Garrett P. 53
Serviss, Garrett P. 511
Shaler, Professor N. S. 484
Siberian Lakes, The Drying up of 139
Skull, a Crystal 861
Snyder, Philip 751
Soap, Various Kinds of 713
Soil-Making, Animal Agency in (Shaler) 484
Somnambulism 286
Specialization in Science (Eimer) 26
Speir, Francis, Jr. 657
Stars, The, of Autumn (Serviss) 53
Stars, The, of Winter (Serviss) 511
Stillman, W. O., M. D. 114
Stokes, Professor G. G. 47
Struggle, The, for Existence (Huxley) 732
Superstitions, Chinese (Fielde) 796

Table-topped Hills, The, of the Amazon 137
Taxes, English 718
Teeth, Why do our, decay so fast? 861
Think, The Time it takes to (Cattell) 488
Thompson, D. G. 213
Thought and Language (Thompson) 213
Thought, Scientific Habits of (Editorial) 842
Tolstoi's Astronomy (Bowen) 267
Trees for Plantation around Houses 427
Tropical Woods, Characteristics of 138
Truth and its Pursuit (Editorial) 270
Turkish Bath, a, How to take 574