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I N D E X.

Across Greenland (Miscellany) 858
Adze, A Jadeite, from Mexico (Miscellany) 571
Agriculture, Lines of Progress in (Miles) 352
Ainu Houses and their Furnishing (Goodrich) 497
Ainu, The, of Yezo, A Study of (Goodrich) 200
A Living Mystery 730
Allen, Grant, Gourds and Bottles 310
America, The Name of (Miscellany) 571
American Association, Officers of the (Miscellany) 856
American Association, The Cleveland Meeting of the (Editorial) 846
Andaman Island Myths (Miscellany) 862
Andrews, Eliza F., Education and the Employment of Children 230
Animal and Plant Lore (Bergen) 656
Animals as modified by Environment (Steere) 243
Antagonism, Grove 608
Ant, The Occidental (Miscellany) 719
Arctic Alaska (Howard) 376
Argyll, The Duke of, A Great Confession 55
Arnold, Matthew (Editorial) 269
Ashley, Charles S., Industrial Adjustments (Correspondence) 408
Asphalt, The Best (Miscellany) 426
Atkinson, Edward, The Surplus Revenue 145
Atmospheric Phenomena, Worship of (D'Alviella) 99
Audubon Monument, The (Miscellany) 138
Auk, the Great, The Home of (Lucas) 456

Baird, Spencer F., Sketch of 547
Baldness, Theories of the Cause of (Rogers), (Correspondence) 700
Bean Curd (Miscellany) 284
Bees as Weather Indicators (Miscellany) 860
Benton, Joel, The Earned Decrease vs. the Unearned Increment 177
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D., Animal and Plant Lore 656
Bert, Paul, Sketch of 401
Bird Courts of Justice 832
Bissell, Mary Taylor, M.D., A Correction (Correspondence) 125
Blanchard, M. Emile, Spiders and their Ways 787
Bodington, Mrs. Alice, Curiosities of Evolution 783
Books noticed:
Adams, H. B. Seminary Libraries and University Extension 419
Agassiz, Alexander. Three Cruises of the Blake 560