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Chemistry, The Teaching of. Pop. Misc. 280
Chevreul's, M., New-Year's-Day. Pop. Misc. 709
Child, An Eyeless. Pop. Misc. 286
Children's Punishments. Pop. Misc. 572
Chinese Marriage Customs. Adele M. Fielde 241
Chinese Names. Pop. Misc. 713
Chinese, The, and their Limbs. Pop. Misc. 283
Cigarette-Smoking, Effects of. Pop. Misc. 279
City Schools, Faults of. Pop. Misc. 569
Climatology, Hydrology and, International Congress of. Pop. Misc. 573
Cogswell, Franklin. California Perforated Stones. Cor. 123
Competition and the Trusts. George Iles 619
Competition. Editor's Table 699
Continental Centers. Pop. Misc. 427
Cooke, Josiah Parsons. The Chemical Elements 733
Cope, E. D. Woman Suffrage. Cor. 558
Correction, A. C. C. Abbott. Cor. 411
Correspondence 122
Correspondence 411
Correspondence 556
Correspondence 698
Correspondence 841
Cramer, Frank. The Extension of the Suffrage to Women, Cor. 415
Crocodile, About a. Pop. Misc. 428
Crothers, T. D., M.D. New Facts in Alcoholic Heredity 524
Curtis, Moses Ashley, Sketch of 405

Dafoe, J. W. Domestication of the Buffalo 777
Daly, D. D. Life in British Borneo 246
Daubrée, Prof. G. A. Underground Waters in Rock Transformations 508
Deaths by Wild Beasts in India. Pop. Misc. 142
Deception, The Psychology of. Prof. J. Jastrow 145
"Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity. A. D. White 433
"Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity. A. D. White 577
Desert, How a, was made Productive. Pop. Misc. 141
Devil-Theory, The. Editor's Table 843
Diet and Disease. Pop. Misc. 863
Direction, Sense of, in Insects. Pop. Misc. 570
Doctors and the Opium-Habit. A. F. Stifel. Cor. 122
Doctrine, a, The History of. Prof. S. P. Langley 212
Doctrine, a, The History of. Prof. S. P. Langley 385
Dog, A, that could count. J. D. Calhoun. Cor. 414
Domestication of the Buffalo. J. W. Dafoe 777
Dyer, T. F. Thiselton. Plants in Witchcraft 826

Editor's Table 124
Editor's Table 267
Editor's Table 416
Editor's Table 559
Editor's Table 698
Editor's Table 843
Education, The Sacrifice of. A Protest 399
Egg-Shell, The Chemistry of an. Pop. Misc. 711
Elements, The Chemical. J. P. Cooke 733
Emotions, Training the. Pop. Misc. 574
Energy, The, in an Earthquake. Pop. Misc. 427
Energy, The, in an Earthquake. Pop. Misc. 715
Enthusiast, An, in Science. Pop. Misc. 575
Espy, James Pollard, Sketch of 834
Evil, An, of Civilization. Pop. Misc. 137
Examinations, The Abuse of. Editor's Table 418
Experimental Psychology, Value of. Pop. Misc. 427