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Books noticed: PAGE
Sargent, Prof. C. S., Editor. Garden and Forest 705
Selby-Bigge, L. A. Hume's Treatise of Human Nature 850
Sensenig, David M. Numbers Symbolized 128
Serviss, Garrett P. Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 564
Seymour, M. F. The Business Woman's Journal 857
Shepherd, H. A. Antiquities of the State of Ohio 421
Sherwood. New Model First Reader 277
Shoppell's Modern Houses 707
Simon, W. Manual of Chemistry 273
Sluys, A. Manual Training in Elementary Schools for Boys 855
Smith, O. S. The American University 855
Smith, W. H. The Educator 857
Spanhoofd, A. W. Germania 857
Starr, Louis, M. D. Hygiene of the Nursery 422
Steinke, T. G. Die Gegenwart 707
Stockbridge, H. E. Rocks and Soils 565
Talmage, J. E. First Book of Nature 707
Thomas, Cyrus. Burial-Mounds 702
Tōyō Gakugei Zasshi 275
Tuckerman, Alfred. Index to the Literature of the Spectroscope 273
Turner, S. E. The Germanic Constitution 130
Tyndall, John. Diamagnetism and Magne-Crystallic Action 272
United States, Reports from Consuls 276
Van der Smissen, W, H., and Eraser, W. H, High-School German Grammar 854
Wahl, W. H. The Manufacturer and Builder 858
Watts, C. A. The Agnostic Annual for 1889 568
Wells, D. A. Relation of the Tariff to Wages 567
Whitman, W. O., Editor, The Journal of Morphology 272
Whitman, W. O., Editor, The Journal of Morphology 705
Wines, F. H. American Prisons in the Tenth Census 276
Young, C. A. Text-Book of General Astronomy 847
Botanical, The, Outlook. Pop. Misc. 574
Boys' Color-Knowledge. Pop. Misc. 430
Bridge, The Nebraska City Pontoon. Pop. Misc. 859
British Borneo, Native Life in. D. D. Daly 246
British Gold-Mines. Pop. Misc. 572
Browski, Dr. L. E. The Yezidees, or Devil-Worshipers 474
Buffalo, Domestication of the. J. W. Dafoe 777
Bulkley, C. H. A. Relation of Altruism to Egoism 411
Byrne, C. C, M.D. The Work of the Burrowing Rat. Cor. 414
"The Great Southern Tortoise again. Cor. 698

Calhoun, J. D. A Dog that could count 414
Camel, Evolving the. Grant Allen 192
Canals of Mars, Searching for the. Pop. Misc. 572
Cave-Men, Preglacial, in Wales. Pop. Misc. 135
Chaddock, M. B. Insect Fertilization of Flowers. Cor. 558
"The Ways of Bees. Cor. 698
Charms, Protective. Pop. Misc. 717
Chemistry, The, of To-Day. Prof. Ira Remsen 591