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Books noticed: PAGE
Hilger, Dr. A., and others. Vierteljahresschrift . . . der Chemie der Nahrungs-und Genussmittel 130
Hill, Prof. R. T, Recent Aspects of Scientific Education 855
Hittell, J. S. A Code of Morals 707
Holbrook, M. L. Eating for Strength 566
Holmes, Nathaniel. Realistic Idealism in Philosophy itself 420
Howard, J. M. Cumberland Presbyterian Review 857
Imperial University, Tokio, Japan, Journal of the College of Science 566
Irelan, Jr., W. J. Report of the State Mineralogist of California 856
Jordan, D. S. Darwinism 271
"Manual of the Vertebrate Animals of the Northern United States 565
Julien, Dr. Alexis A. Scientific Monographs 856
Kay, David. Memory: What it is and how to improve it 561
Ketchum, A. C. Botany for Academies and Colleges 423
Langley, S. P. Report of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 855
Lewis, J. H. The Kitchen 275
Lockwood, Samuel. Animal Memoirs 127
Loti, Pierre. An Iceland Fisherman 132
Lubbock, Sir John. On the Senses, Instincts, and Intelligence of Animals 270
MacDowall, A. B. Facts about Ireland 132
Michaelis, K. W. and O. E. Sketch of Alfred Krupp 567
Miller, J. S. Report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue 856
"Report of the Regulations for the Analysis of Foods and Drugs 857
Molloy, Gerald. Gleanings in Science 703
Montelius, Oscar. Civilization of Sweden in Heathen Times 703
Monthaye, E., Krupp and De Bange. Visit to the Krupp Works at Essen 276
Monthaye, E., Krupp and De Bange. Visit to the Krupp Works at Essen 567
Moore, J. S. Friendly Letters to American Farmers and Others 276
Museum, United States National, Proceedings of the 706
Nast's Illustrations of the President's Message of 1887 276
Nathan, G. R. Harvard Law Review 857
Nebraska University Studies 274
Nettleship, R. L. Works of Thomas Hill Green, Vol. III 562
Newell, W. W., Editor. American Journal of Folk-Lore 131
Packard, A. S. Entomology for Beginners 129
Parloa's, Miss. New Cook-Book 707
Philpott, H. J. Tariff Chats 567
Phyfe, W. H. P. The School Pronouncer 425
Pope, R. W., and Stockbridge, G. H. Electric Power 857
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 130
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 856
"Great-Circle Sailing 567
Quick Cooking 424
Riley, Prof. C. V., Editor. Insect Life 132
""Report of the Entomologist 706
Roosevelt, Theodore. Essays on Practical Politics 273
Rosenbusch, H., and Iddings, J. P. Microscopical Physiography of the Rock-making Minerals 564