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Fig. 6.—Vertical and Horizontal Sections of Robert's Diffusion Battery (Stammer),
a, root-cutter; b, charging-car with weighing attachment; c, movable hopper; d, d1, d2, d3, etc., diffusers; e, reheating-reservoir; f, communicating-tubes between diffusers; g, discharge-tube; k, conducting-tube for displaced water or juice; 1, safety-tube connecting with all the diffusers, and serving to disconnect a defective one; t, u, v, x, y, z, valves corresponding to the various tubes; m, tube joining valves with diffusers; r1 and r2, etc., conduits between reheaters and diffusers; w and u, valves corresponding with same; r3, conduit of juice to defecators; s, man-hole for exit of exhausted slices.