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arranged in alternation with the diffusers, revolving on a center. As the pure water from an elevated tank percolates through the mass of the two or three tons of sliced beets, under a pressure of eighty pounds, the fluid contents of any one cylinder can be forced into another through the communicating pipes, and thus—under

PSM V35 D222 Lime and carbonic acid gas furnace.jpg
Fig. 7.—Furnace for supply of Lime and Carbonic-Acid Gas to Factory ("Journal des Fabricants de Sucre").

the combined influence of heat and pressure—the whole solution becomes richly charged with sugar. From cylinder No. 1, which contains the slices almost exhausted of their soluble contents, the fluid passes into No. 2, where it acts on slices somewhat richer in juice. So it goes on through the series, meeting in each cylinder