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1. "An Account of the Magnetic Observations made at the Magnetic Observfitory of Harvard College." In two parts ("Memoirs of the American Academy," vol. ii, 1846.)

2. "On the Secular Periodicity of the Aurora Borealis" (ibid., vol. ix).

3. "On the Determination of Transatlantic Longitudes by Means of the Telegraphic Cables" (ibid., 1867).

4. "Catalogue of Auroras observed, mostly at Cambridge, after 1838" (ibid., vol. X, 1868).

5. "On the Periodicity of the Aurora Borealis." In two parts (ibid., with plates, 1868).

6. "On the Causes of the Difference in the Strength of Ordinary Magnets and Electro-Magnets, of the saitie Size and Shape." ("Proceedings of the American Academy," vol. ii). 7. "On the Law of Continuity" (ibid.).

8. "On the Aneroid Barometer" (ibid.).

9. "Electrical Experiment" (ibid., vol. iv).

10. "On the Connection of Electricity with Tornadoes" (ibid., vol. ii).

11. "On Coronæ and Halos" (ibid.).

12. "On the Spectroscope" (ibid., vol. iii).

13. "On the Bioscope" (ibid.).

14. "Apparatus for Rapid Rotations" (ibid.).

15. "Shape of Luminous Spots in Solar Eclipses" (ibid.).

16. "Notice of the Death of John Farrar" (ibid.).

17. "Notice of the Death of Melloni" (ibid.).

18. "New Apparatus and Experiments in Optics and Acoustics" (ibid.).

19. "Arago's Opinion of Table-Moving" (ibid.).

20. "On Fessel's Gyroscope" (ibid.).

21. "Apparatus to regulate the Electric Light" (ibid.).

22. "Does the Mississippi River flow Up-hill?" (ibid.).

23. "Report on Hedgcock's Quadrant" (ibid.).

24. "On the Boomerang" (ibid., vol. iv).

25. "Report on Meteorological Observations" (ibid.).

26. "On the Ocean Cable" (ibid.).

27. "On the Polarization of the Light of Comets" (ibid.).

28. "Report on the Polar Expedition of Dr. I. I. Hayes" (ibid.).

29. "On Records of the Aurora Borealis" (ibid.).

30. "First Observations on the Aurora in New England" (ibid.).

31. "Notice of the Death of Biot" (ibid., vol. ii).

32. "On the Velocity of Light and the Sun's Distance" (ibid.).

33. "Notice of the Death of O. M. Mitchell" (ibid.).

34. "On the Optical Method of studying Sound" (ibid., vol. vii).

35. "On the Periodicity of the Aurora Borealis" (ibid., vol. viii, 1873).

36. "On the French Republican Calendar" (ibid.).

37. "Application of Electricity to the Motion of Tuning-Forks" (ibid.).

38. "On Optical Meteorology" (ibid.).

39. "On Transatlantic Longitudes" (ibid.).

40. "Notice of the Death of William Mitchell" (ibid.).

41. "Notice of the Death of Faraday" (ibid).

42. "Notice of the Death of David Brewster" (ibid.).

43. "Notice of the Death of J. W. F. Herschel" (ibid.).

44. "Notice of the Death of Christopher Hansteen" (ibid., vol. ix).