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45. "Notice of the Death of Auguste A. de la Rive" (ibid.).

46. "Notice of the Death of James Walker" (ibid., vol. x).

47. "Notice of the Death of Joseph Winlock" (ibid., vol. xi).

48. "Notice of the Death of Alexis Caswell" (ibid., vol. xiii).

49. "Notice of the Death of John H. Temple" (ibid., vol. xiii).

50. "Notice of the Death of Joseph Henry" (ibid., vol. xiv).

51. "Notice of the Death of H. W. Dove" (ibid., vol. xv).

52. "Address as President on presenting the Rumford Medal to J. Willard Gibbs" (ibid., vol. xvi).

63. "Anticipations of the Lissajous Curves" (ibid.).

54. "Notices of the Deaths of Richard H. Dana, of Edward Desor, and of John W. Draper" (ibid., vol. xvii).

55. "Notice of the Death of Sir Edward Sabine" (ibid., vol. xix).

56. "Address of the President on Presenting the Rumford Medal to H. A. Rowland" (ibid.).

57. "Address as President on presenting the Rumford Medal to S. P. Langley" (ibid., vol. xxii).

58. "Notice of the Death of Gustav Robert Kirchhoff" (ibid., vol. xxiii).

58*. "Address as President on presenting the Rumford Medal to A. A. Michelson" (ibid., vol. xxiv).

58**. "The 'Mécanique Céleste' of Laplace, and its Translation by Bowditch" (ibid., vol. xxiv).

59. "On the Electro-dynamic Forces" ("Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science" (vol. ii).

60. "On a Curious Phenomenon relating to Vision" (ibid.).

61. "On a Singular Case of Interference in the Eye itself" (ibid., vol. vii).

62. "On a Modification of Soleil's Polarizing Apparatus" (ibid.).

63. "On the Australian "Weapon called the Boomerang" (ibid., vol. xii).

64. "On the Optical Method of studying Sound" (ibid., vol. xvi).

65. "On the Periodicity of the Aurora Borealis" (ibid., vol xvi, 1868).

66. "Sympathetic Vibrations between Tuning-Forks and Stretched Cords" (ibid., vol. xvi).

67. "On Methods of Illustrating Optical Meteorology" (ibid., vol. xix, 1871).

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69. "Addresses as President at the Portland Meeting" (Proceedings of the A. A. A. S., vol. xxiii).

70. "On a New Way of illustrating the Vibrations of Air in Organ-Pipes" (ibid., vol. xxiii).

71. "Address as Retiring President, A. A. A. S." (ibid., vol. xxiii, republished in "The Popular Science Monthly," "American Journal of Science," and the "London Philosophical Magazine").

72. "On a New Method of measuring the Velocity of Electricity" ("Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science," vol. xxiv, also "Journal de Physique," tome vi).

73. "Shooting Stars" ("American Journal of Science," vol. xxxv).

74. "The American Prime Meridian" (ibid., N. S., vol. ix, 1850).

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76. "On the Velocity of Light and the Sun's Distance" (ibid., N. S., vol. xxxvi).

77. "Melloni's Researchcs on Radiant Heat" ("American Almanac," 1850).