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Lee, Arthur B. The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum 560
Lesquereux, Leo. On some Fossil Remains 852
McCook, Henry C. American Spiders and their Spinning Work. Vol. I 132
McGill University. Calendar of the Faculty of Medicine 853
"The Leading Facts of American History 854
Mack, Charles S. Philosophy in Homœopathy 709
Mackay, A. H. The Fresh-water Sponges of Canada and Newfoundland 852
MacQueary, Howard. The Evolution of Man and Christianity 554
Mantegazza, Paolo. Physiognomy and Expression 847
Massachusetts Agricultural College. Twenty-seventh Annual Report 135
"State Agricultural Experiment Station. Report for 1889 560
Mearns, Edgar A. (Zoölogical and Botanical Papers) 562
Meteorological Observations made on Pike's Peak 133
Meteorological Society, New England, Observations of the, for 1888 133
Miller, S. A. North American Geology and Paleontology 272
Mills, E. J., and F. J. Rowan. Fuel and its Applications 128
Modern Science Essayist 133
Montgomery, D. H. Heroic Ballads 421
Moorehead, Warren K. Fort Ancient 273
Myerovitch, M. The Origin of Polar Motion 852
National Association of Wool Manufacturers. Bulletin for June, 1890 853
Newberry, John S. The Palæozoic Fishes of North America 706
New Jersey. Report of the State Geologist for 1889 848
New York. Report of the State Board of Charities for 1889 855
Nichols, George W. Letters from Waldegrave Cottage 561
Noel, Edward. Natural Weights and Measures 419
Ostrom, Kurre W. Massage and the Original Swedish Movements 135
Owen, Edmund. A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students 850
P., G. W. American Whist illustrated 421
Panin, Ivan. Lectures on Russian Literature 278
Patton, Simon N. The Economic Basis of Protection 703
Peckham, George W. and Elizabeth G. Observations on Sexual Selection in Spiders of the Family Attidæ 279
Platt, James. Money 135
Poisons and their Antidotes 708
Poteat, W. L. A Tube-building Spider 562
Powell, J. W. Eighth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey 704
"Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1883-'84 274
Proctor, Richard A. The Student's Atlas 703
Quarterly Review of the United Brethren in Christ 853
Rankin, Francis H. Hygiene of Childhood 413
Remondino, P. C. The Marine Climate of the Southern California Coast 707
Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario 702
Ribot, Th. The Psychology of Attention 275
Richardson, B. W. National Health 705
Richardson, Rufus B. Æschines against Ctesiphon 420