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I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. Sketch of D. G. Brinton. (With Portrait.) 836
African Custom, Curiosities of. (Misc.) 570
Agriculture, New England. (Corr.) T. H. Hoskins 700
Agricultural Science, Progress in.* M. Miles 491
Air, Compressed, as a Motor Power. (Misc.) 715
Aitchison, G. The Principles of Decoration 390
Alcohol as a Cause of Disease. (Misc.) 716
"The Use of, in Medicine. A. G. Bartley 86
Ambergris. (Misc.) 573
America, The Peopling of. A. de Quatrefages 305
Americanists, International Congress of 685
Animal Life in the Great Desert. W. Marshall 247
Animals, the Lower, Laws of Government among. J. W. Slater 677
Antiseptic Treatment and Sir Joseph Lister. (Corr.) H. J. Smith 119
Apple Crop of 1890, The Failure of the. (Misc.) 714
Architects, A Defense of the. (Corr.) A. D. F. Hamlin 699
Architecture and the Environment. Barr Ferree 194
Argyll, Duke of. Professor Huxley on the War-path 775
Aryan Question, The, and Prehistoric Man. T. H. Huxley 341
Aryan Question, The, and Prehistoric Man. T. H. Huxley 502
Aye-aye, The. (Misc.) 567
Assassinations, Philosophy of some. (Misc.) 427

Babel, From, to Comparative Philology. A. D. White 289
Babel, From, to Comparative Philology. A. D. White 433
Badger, The, and the Fox* 807
Bartley, A. G. The Use of Alcohol in Medicine 86
Bath, The, in the Middle Ages. (Misc.) 713
Benton, Warren G. Chinese Buddhism 530
Bernhardt, W. Predisposition, Immunity, and Disease 380
Berthold, Victor M. Unnatural Reading. (Corr.) 266
Bicycler, What keeps the, Upright?* C. B. Warring 766
Bird's Flight, The Start of a. (Misc.) 141
Bolton, H. Carrington. Scientific Jottings in Egypt 823
Books noticed 124
Books noticed 272
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 557
Books noticed 705
Books noticed 844
Abbe, Cleveland. Deductive Methods in Storm and Weather Predictions 131
Badt, F. B., and H. S. Carhart. Derivation of Practical Electrical Units 563
Abbott, C. C. Outings at Odd Times 557
Baker, Samuel W. Wild Beasts and their Ways 414
Abel, Mrs. Mary H. Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking 126
Ball, William P. Are the Effects of Use and Disuse inherited? 563
Allen, W. F. The Annals of Tacitus 131
Babcock, W. H. The Two Lost Centuries of Britain 421
Ballard, Julia P. Among the Moths and Butterflies 418