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Books noticed:
Ballou, W. R. Equine Anatomy and Physiology 132
Bird, Charles. Elementary Geology 708
Blanford, Henry F. India, Barman, and Ceylon 708
Blythe, A. W. A Manual of Public Health 561
Bolton, H. C. Contributions of Alchemy to Numismatics 421
Boston Society of Natural History. Proceedings, Vol. XXIV 418
Bowker, R. R., and George lies. Reader's Guide to Economic, Social, and Political Science 852
Brinton, D. G. Races and Peoples 559
Browning, O. Aspects of Education 132
Bureau of Education. Circular of Information, No. 2, 1889 278
Cajori, Florian. The Teaching and History of Mathematics in the United States 710
Carus, Paul. The Ethical Problem 421
Census Bureau. Bulletins Nos. 6 and 19 711
Chief Signal Officer of the Army. Report for 1889 130
Chittenden, E. P. The Pleroma 131
Clark, Willis G. History of Education in Alabama 278
Collier, Peter. The Future of Agriculture in the United States 564
Cope, R. The Distribution of Wealth 711
Cornell University. Third Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station 852
Cox, Charles F. Protoplasm and Life 130
Crooker, J. H. The Bible in the Public Schools 131
Dall, William H. Contributions to the Tertiary Fauna of Florida 420
Davis, Walter G. Anales de la Oficina Meteorologica Argentina, 1886 849
Dawson, G. M. On the Later Physiographical Geography of the Rocky Mountain Region in Canada 853
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States for 1888 709
De Costa. B. F. The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by the Northmen 558
Diehl, Anna Randall. A Practical Delsarte Primer 562
Durham, William. Astronomy 563
Educational Review. N. M. Butler, Editor 564
Educational Society of Japan, A Short History of 279
Elderton, William A. Maps and Map-drawing 564
Ellis, A. B. The Ewe-speaking Peoples of the Gold Coast of West Africa 706
Ellis, A. B. The Tshi-speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa 706
Ellis, Havelock. The Criminal 129
Elson, Louis C. The Theory of Music 849
Ely, Talfourd. Manual of Archæology 852
Fiske, John. Civil Government in the United States 413
Genone, Hudor. Inquirendo Island 711
Geological Survey. Bulletins 58 to 66 709
Graham, Douglas. A Treatise on Massage 127
Graham, William. Socialism, New and Old 844
Green, W. L. Notice of Prof. J. D. Dana's Characteristics of Volcanoes 420
Gurney, E. H. Reference Handbook of English History 131
"Hamilton, Gail." A Washington Bible-Class 848
Hardy, A. S. Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus 710
Harkness, Albert. An Easy Method for Beginners in Latin 422
Harper's Sixth Reader 853
Hazen, H. A. Tornadoes 130
Health for Little Folks 133
Hendrick, Welland. Brief History of the Empire State 422
Hill, Robert T. The Cretaceous Rocks of Texas 420
Hippisley, A. E. A Catalogue of the Hippisley Collection of Chinese Porcelains 709
Hitchcock, Henry. A Year's Legislation (1889-'90) 420
Hjelt, E. Principles of General Organic Chemistry 707
Hough, W. Fire-making Apparatus 709
Hug, Lina, and Richard Stead. Switzerland 565
Hyatt, Alpheus, and J. M. Arms. Guides for Science Teaching. VIII. Insecta 847
International Journal of Ethics 416
Jacobs, Joseph. English Fairy Tales 561
Jago, William. Inorganic Chemistry 707
James, William. The Principles of Psychology 272
Jastrow, Joseph. The Time-relations of Mental Phenomena 564
Journal of Morphology, Vol. IV, No. 1 419
Kansas Agricultural College Experiment Station. Second Annual Report of Botanical Department 419
Kennedy, John. Stem Dictionary of the English Language 131
Kiddle, Henry. Text-book of Physics 133
Klauser. Julius. The Septonate and the Centralization of the Tonal System 851
Lange, Helene. Higher Education of Women in Europe 847
Leffman, Henry. A Compend of Chemistry 132
Leffman, H., and W. Beam. Progressive Exercises in Practical Chemistry 279
Lindsay, T. B. Satires of Juvenal 422
Litchfield, Mary E. The Nine Worlds 133
Lockyer, J. Norman. The Meteoritic Hypothesis 705
Lucas, F. A. The Expedition to the Funk Island 709
McAdie, A. Tornadoes 420
McCook, Henry C. American Spiders and their Spinning-work, Vol. II 124