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Books noticed: PAGE
Macfarlane, James. An American Geological Railway Guide 276
MacLean, J. P. An Examination of Fingal's Cave 853
McLennan, Evan. Cosmical Evolution 852
Macy, J. Our Government: How it grew, what it does, and how it does it 560
Mason, Edward C. The Veto Power 416
Mercier, C. Sanity and Insanity 128
Mills, Wesley. A Text-book of Comparative Physiology 275
Moll, Albert. Hypnotism 125
Monist, The 711
Morris, I. H. Text-book of Practical Plane and Solid Geometry 708
Mott, Henry A. A Chart relative to the Composition of Food 419
Müller, F. Max. Three Lectures on the Science of Language 133
Nadaillac, Marquis de. Prehistoric America 415
Natural Speller and Word Book 423
New England Meteorological Society. Investigations for the Year 1889 420
New Jersey. Final Report of the State Geologist, Vol. II, Part II, Zoölogy 706
Niblack, Albert P. The Coast Indians of Southern Alaska 707
Northam, Henry C. Manual of Civil Government 280
Ostwald, Wilhelm. Outlines of General Chemistry 278
Peck, H. T. Latin Pronunciation 422
Peet, Stephen D. Emblematic Mounds and Animal Effigies 417
Physical Culture. A. Cuthbertson, Editor 419
Pickard, T. L. School Supervision 125
Pickering, Edward C. The Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra 846
Poet Lore. Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke, Editors 564
Powers, Edward. War and the Weather 850
Preble, Henry, and Charles P. Parker. Handbook of Latin Writing 422
Prudden, T. M. Dust and its Dangers 559
Putnam, G. P., and L. E. Jones. Tabular Views of Universal History 422
Reclus, É. North America. Vol. I 705
Report on Medical Education and the Practice of Medicine in the United States and Canada 279
Schreber, D. G. R. Home Exercise for Health and Cure 280
Shufeldt, R. W. The Myology of the Raven 562
Sime, James. Geography of Europe 708
Smith, Edgar F. Electro-Chemical Analysis 132
Smithsonian Institution. Report of the National Museum for 1888 708
Storrs School Agricultural Experiment Station. Second Annual Report 419
Swedenborg, Emanuel. Descriptions of the Spiritual World 565
Taft, L. R. Greenhouse Building and Heating 419
Thruston, Gates P. The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States 128
Tolstoi, Leo. The Fruits of Culture 853
Ward, Lester F. Genius and Woman's Intuition 419
Waring, George E., Jr. The Sewerage of Columbus, Ohio 420
Weeden, W. B. Economic and Social History of New England 276
West, Alfred H. A Digest of English and American Literature 421
White, C. A. On the Geology and Physiography of Northwestern Colorado and Parts of Utah and Wyoming 709
Wiechmann, F. G. Sugar Analysis 417
Williams, George H. Elements of Crystallography 851
Willoughby, W. W. The Supreme Court of the United States 710
Wilson, Thomas. A Study of Prehistoric Anthropology 708
Woodward, C. M. The Educational Value of Manual Training 279
Woody, S. E. Medical Chemistry and Urinalysis 132
Wright, G. F. The Glacial Boundary 709
Bore of the Amazon, the Pororóca, or. J. C. Branner 208
Branner, John O. The Pororóca, or Bore of the Amazon 208
Bridges, Flora. Coeducation in Swiss Universities 524
Brinton, Daniel Garrison, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) C. C. Abbott 836
Buddhism, Chinese. W. G. Benton 530
Burial, The Dangers of the Present Mode of. (Misc.) 286

California, Social Changes in. C. H. Shinn 794
Cats, The Intelligence of. W. H. Larrabee 368
Cements, The Relative Value of. C. D. Jameson and H. Remley 663
Chamisso, Adelbert von, as a Naturalist. (With Portrait.) E. Du Bois-Reymond 252
Cheese, Population of. (Misc.) 428
Cherokee Theory of Disease, The. (Misc.) 426