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I N D E X.

Æsthetic Sense in Animals 729
Agassiz, Prof. Louis K., his Death 495
"""Autopsy of 633
"""Biographical Notice. (Portrait) 608
"""His Successor 637
Age, The, of Ice. (Illustrated) 641
Alchemy, its Future 602
Alcohol 381
Alternations in the Intensity of Diseases 569
Ancient Well in Illinois 252
Animal-like Functions of Plants 382
Animals, The Æsthetic Sense in 729
Antioch, Rebuilding of 126
Ashes, Leached, as a Fertilizer 509
Asphaltum in West Virginia 636
Atmospheric Electricity and Ozone 456

Baryta, Uses of 638
Beer, Economy of 760
Bees' Wings, Uses of 763
Body and Mind, Relations of 111
Books noticed:
"Civilization considered as a Science" (by Harris) 118
"Chronos: Mother Earth's Biography" (by Wood) 249
"Conservation of Energy" (by Balfour Stewart) 627
"Elements of Physical Manipulation" (by Pickering) 117
"Philosophy of Evolution" (by Lowne) 116
"Workshop Appliances" (by Shelley) 122
"Logic of Accounts" (by Folsom) 118
"Antiquities of the Southern Indians" (by Jones) 119
"Man and Apes" (by Mivart) 630
"Dictionary of Medical Science" (by Dunglison) 630
"Theory of Evolution of Living Things" (by Henslow) 503
"The New Chemistry" (by Cooke) 500
"International Review" 500
"The Bible and the Doctrine of Evolution" (by Smythe) 503
"Sex in Education" (by Clarke) 377
"Religion and Science" (by Le Conte) 502
"Our Common Insects" (by Packard) 247
"Descriptive Sociology" (by Spencer) 504
"Autobiography of John Stuart Mill." 376
"British Marine Algæ" (by Grattann) 378
"Proportions of Pins used in Bridges" (by Bender) 248
"Comparative Anatomy of the Domesticated Animals" (by Chauveau) 246