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Books noticed: PAGE
"Statistics of the World" (by Schem) 631
"Geological Survey of Ohio." 374
"Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects" (by Lubbock) 628
"Henslow's Botanical Charts" (by Youmans) 628
"On Intelligence" (by Taine) 629
"The Atmosphere" (by Flammarion) 245
"English Psychology" (by Ribot) 751
"Animal Locomotion" (by Pettigrew) 753
"Prang's Natural History Series of Colored Chromos" 754
"The Stone Age" (by Tylor) 755
"Insects of the Garden" (by Packard) 755
"Manual of Physical Geography" (by White) 756
"Retaining Walls" (by Tate) 756
"Legal Responsibility in Old Age" (by Beard) 757
"Physical Geography" (by Young) 757
"The Birth of Chemistry" (by Rodwell) 757
"Essays on Educational Reformers" (by Quick) 758
Botany, Tennyson and 193
Brain and Mind 253
Brain, A New Method with the 183
British Association 114

Carboniferous Strata, their Constitution 508
Caterpillars 381
Chemistry of the Rocks, what it teaches 694
Chromosphere, The, and Solar Prominences. (Illustrated) 385
Coal-Fields of China 250
Colorado, The Great Cemetery in 470
Concerning Serpents. (Illustrated) 257
Constellation, Past and Future of a (Illustrated) 291
Constitution of Carboniferous Strata 508
Cooling and Contraction of the Earth's Crust 255
Correlation of Vital with Chemical and Physical Forces 156
Correspondence 492
Correspondence 744
Corundum 452
Cremation 760
Cryptograph 125
Czermak, Professor 115

Dead, Disposal of the 592
De Candolle's Great Work 762
Dental Plates, New Material for 507
Descent of Man 251
Disposal of the Dead 592
Dissipation of Energy 430
Draper, Dr. J. W., Sketch of. (Portrait) 361
Drosera, Movements of 765

Education, Liberal, in the Nineteenth Century 1
Education, Scientific, Requirements of 208
Education, Higher, of Women 748|}