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Electric Signaling 581
Emotional Language of the Future 319
Energy, Dissipation of 430
England and America 631
Evolution and the Origin of Life 713
Evolution, Genesis, and Geology 324
Explosion of a Powder-Mill 231
Experiments on Living Animals 750
Eyes, Unequal Power of the 379

Facial Angle. (Illustrated) 587
Feather, A (Illustrated) 686
Fish, Subterranean 639
Flowers, Double, Rationale of 762
Forces, Correlation of Vital, with Chemical and Physical 156
Freak of Nature. (Illustrated) 448
French Association for the Advancement of Science 125
Furs and their Wearers. (Illustrated) 143
Future of Alchemy 602

Genesis, Geology, and Evolution 324
Geographical Work, A Year of 735
Gladstone and Spencer 492
Glycerine, Tests for 510
Grafting, Natural 380
Grape-vine Blight 381
Great Cemetery in Colorado 470
Growth and Decay of Mind 328
Growth of Salmon. (Illustrated) 27

Haeckel's Moners. (Illustrated) 181
Health and Comfort in House-building 69
Hedge-Plant, A Good 634
Heredity, Phenomena of 55
Heredity and Race-Improvement 170
Hooker, Dr. J. D., Sketch of. (Portrait) 237
House-building, Health and Comfort in 69
Huxley, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait) 739
Hypnotism in Animals 75

Ice, The Age of, (Illustrated) 641
Images and Shadows. (Illustrated) 665
Improved Deep-Sea Sounding Apparatus 255
Improvements in Street-Sprinkling 124
Inertia and Force 349
Inland Seas, their Physical Conditions 378
Insects, their Migrations 382
Instincts, Survival of 88
Intelligence of the Toad 126

Jupiter, News from 433

Land-Plants in Lower Silurian 762|}