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I N D E X.

Abbott, Emerson, T. Ways, The, of Bees. (Corr.) 840
Aber, Mary Ailing. Experiment, An, in Education 377
Aber, Mary Ailing. Experiment, An, in Education 517
Agassiz at Penikese. D. S. Jordan 721
Air, Bad, and Bad Health. H. Wager and A. Herbert 814
"Breathe Pure. J. W. Quinby 192
Albatross, the Wandering, Habits of. (Misc.) 855
Allotropism in Alloys. (Misc.) 568
Animals, Amusements of. (Misc.) 861
"Domestic, in India.* J. L. Kipling 597
"in the Desert of Gobi. (Misc.) 141
"the Lower, Progress and Perfectibility in. E. P. Evans 170
Ant Mineralogist. (Misc.) 857
Artesian Wells and their Flow. (Misc.) 135
Ashley, Charles S. Progress, The, of the Silver Question. (Corr.) 413
Association of Official Geologists. (Misc.) 281
Astronomy. A. D. White 577
Astronomy. A. D. White 729
Atlantic Coast, Changes in Level of the. (Misc.) 281
Atkinson, Edward, and Edward T. Cabot. Personal Liberty 433

Bacteria, Determination and Cultivation of. (Misc.) 427
"in our Dairy Products. H. W. Conn 763
Baldness, Causes of. (Misc.) 284
Barber, Edwin Atlee. Recent Advances in the Pottery Industry* 289
"Rise, The, of the Pottery Industry* 145
Baths of the Accursed, The. (Misc.) 565
Bartrara, John and William, Sketch of* 827
Bees, The Ways of. (Corr.) E. T. Abbott. E. P. Evans 840
Benton, Warren G. Ethics, The, of Confucius 87
Bicycle, Righting the.* (Corr.) F. A. Fernald 267
Birds, The, of the Fame Islands. (Misc.) 138
Blanchard, E. Recent Oceanic Causeways 540
Bogy-hunting. (Editor's Table) 845
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 272
Books noticed 416
Books noticed 556
Books noticed 701
Books noticed 846
Agora, The 709
American Journal of Psychology, April, 1891 130
Anderson, Edward L. The Universality of Man's Appearance and Primitive Man 422
Arkansas. Report of the Geological Survey for 1888. J. C. Branner, State Geologist 560
Atkinson. J. C. The Last of the Giant-killers 561
Bacteriological World and Modern Medicine 852
Ball, Robert. The Cause of an Ice Age 556
Ball. Sir Robert S. Star-Land 848
Bandelier, A, F. Contributions to the History of the Southwestern Portion of the United States 422