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Books noticed: PAGE
Journal of the College of Science, Tokyo 134
Journal of the United States Artillery. Quarterly 424
Journal of the United States Artillery. Quarterly 708
Kirkpatrick, T. J. Modern Cook-book 132
Lacroix-Danliard. Le Poil des Animaux et les Fourrures 422
League of American Wheelmen Roads Improvement 132
Le Favre, C. Delsartean Physical Culture 132
Lethaby, W. R. Architecture, Mysticism, and Myth 857
Logan, C. How to Reduce your Weight, or Increase it 420
Lovett, R., and C. Davison. Elements of Plane Trigonometry 274
Lydekker, R. Phases of Animal Life, Past and Present 856
McCalley, H. Coal Measures of Alabama 133
Maginnis, A. J. The Atlantic Ferry 855
Manual of American Water-works 131
Marble, A. P. Sanitary Conditions for School-houses 275
Marshall, A. Elements of Economics of Industry 560
Marshall, A. Principles of Economics, vol. i 270
Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station. Ninth Annual Report 421
Massee, G. Plant World, The 558
Maxwell, James C. Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism 705
Maynard, C. J. Manual of North American Butterflies 706
Merrill, F. J. H. Quaternary Geology of the Hudson River 134
Meyer, L. Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry 559
Miller, E. Evolution of Love 275
Missouri Botanical Garden. Report, 1892 707
Money. Essays in Economics. J. Borden 425
Naegeli, C, and S. Schwendener. Microscope, The, in Theory and Practice 557
National Educational Association. Journal of Proceedings and Addresses, 1891 559
National Museum. Report, 1889 555
Natural Science. Monthly 418
Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station. Report 421
New England Meteorological Society. Investigations, 1890 709
New Jersey Experiment Station. Report of the Botanical Department 133
New Jersey Geological Survey. Report, 1891 709
New World, The. Quarterly 424
Newell, J. H. Outlines of Lessons in Botany 554
Not on Calvary 559
Notes on Beauty, Vigor, and Development 420
Papers in Penology 132
Parsons, J. R. French Schools through American Eyes 707
Pickering, E. C. Preparation and Discussion of the Draper Catalogue 423
Pilling, James C. Bibliography of the Algonquian Languages 703
Philosophical Review. J. G. Schurman, Editor 418
Physical Education 706
Ralph, J. Along the Bowstring 420
Ramsey, S. English Language, The, and English Grammar 560
Redding, Jacob. Physiology: its Science and Philosophy 707
Remondino, P. C. The Mediterranean Shores of America 856
Robinson, J. Our Trees 134
Rochester Academy of Science. Proceedings, vol. i, "Brochure" 422
Rotch, A. L. Observations made at the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory in 1889 423
Scott, A. Introduction to Chemical Theory 557
Semple, C. E. A. Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 709
Sidgwick, H. Elements of Politics 269
Smithsonian Institution. Report, 1890 555
Smithsonian Institution. Report, 1891 133
Solms-Laubach, H. Graf zu. Fossil Botany 558
Spencer, H. Social Statics, abridged and revised 553
Stephens, C. A. Pluri-cellular Man 707
Strahan, S. A. K. Marriage and Disease 702
Sullivan, J. W. Direct Legislation by the Citizenship 131
Taylor, F. M. Right of the Stale to be 133
Taylor, J. T. Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses 275
Thein, John. Christian Anthropology, 850
Thomas, C. Prehistoric Works East of the Rocky Mountains 133
Thomson, W. H. Materialism and Modern Physiology of the Nervous System 856
Thorne, R. T. Diphtheria: its Natural History and Prevention 130
Trevert, E. Electric Railway Engineering 855
Tyndall, J. New Fragments 127
United States Commissoner of Education. Report, 1889 559
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin, 1889 704
United States Geological Survey. Report. 1888-'89 704
University Extension, Monthly 420
Wagner, R. von. Manual of Chemical Technology 271
Walker, S. F. How to Light a Colliery by Electricity 707