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Dr. Rossiter W. Raymond, Mr. C. Staniland Wake,[1] Prof. George Gunton, Rev. John C. Kimball,[1] Prof. Thomas Davidson; Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews, President of Brown University; Dr. Charles De Garmo, President of Swarthmore College; Dr. L. A. W. Alleman, Dr. Francis Ellingwood Abbott, Prof. Joseph Henry Allen, Mr. Edwin D. Mead, Mr. Arthur E. Kennelly, Mr. Thaddeus B. Wakeman, Rev. Samuel J. Barrows, Mr. Daniel S. Remsen, Hon. Roswell G. Horr, Hon. Edward M. Shepard, Hon. William J. Coombs, Prof. Amos G. Warner,[1] Dr. T. D. Crothers, Rev. Nicholas P. Gilman, Rev. E. P. Powell,[1] Mr. J. W. Sullivan, Miss Eliza A. Youmans,[1] and Mrs. Mary Treat.

The association has been fortunate, not only in the character and ability of its lecturers, but also in its publishers. The two volumes on Evolution and Sociology, as well as The Evolutionist, which for the past year has constituted a modest bimonthly organ of the association, were published by James H. West, of Boston, whose single-hearted devotion to the work has not been excelled by that of the active members of the association. Since 1890 the lectures have been published by Messrs. D. Appleton & Company, of New York—the publishers of the works of Spencer, Huxley, Darwin, and other eminent scientific teachers of our time. They have met with cordial recognition from leading reviewers and scientific teachers, and are having a steady and constantly increasing sale. The aim of the association has been to combine a popular mode of presentation with scientific accuracy of treatment; and this end has been fairly achieved. Each lecture is submitted to criticism by competent invited speakers when delivered, so that inaccuracies, if they exist, are discovered and corrected, and both sides of all disputed topics are fairly presented. A full abstract of the discussion is published with the lectures, which greatly adds to their value in many instances for all who desire scientific accuracy and have faith that the truth is best discovered by the free use of the enlightened reason.

The membership of the Brooklyn Ethical Association, which has gradually grown from year to year with no backward steps, now includes between two and three hundred ladies and gentlemen, of whom more than two thirds are active members, resident in Brooklyn and New York. The remainder includes a number of non-resident associate members, whose homes are in different portions of the United States and England, and fifty-five corresponding members, comprising some of the best-known names of those eminent in science and literature the world over. Among those who have accepted membership in the association and expressed their cordial sympathy with its work are Mr. Herbert

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