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Jastrow, Joseph. The Problems of Comparative Psychology 35
Jordan, David Starr. Science and the Colleges 721

Kitson, Arthur. Fallacies of Modern Economists 228
Král, Joseph J. The Inventor of the Lightning Rod 356

Lagrange, Fernand. Free Play in Physical Education 813
Lakes, the Great, Ancient Outlet of. (Misc.) 714
Land Shells, Distribution of. (Misc.) 285
Leather-splitting and Shoe-pegging Machines. (Misc.) 136
Le Bon, Gustave. The Evolution of Civilization and the Arts 342
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. Recent Glacial Researches in England. (Corr.) 700
Life on Mount Roraima. (Misc.) 285
Lightning Phenomena, Curious. (Misc.) 422
"Rod, The Inventor of the. J. J. Král 356
"Rods, House Leader-pipes as. (Misc.) 283
"Rods, The Use of. (Misc.) 857

Macalister, Alexander. The Study of Man 303
Macdonald, James. East Central African Customs 689
Mackerel Supply, Conservation of the. R. F. Walsh 821
Magic, From, to Chemistry and Physics. A. D. White 145
Magic, From, to Chemistry and Physics. A. D. White 289
Man in Nature. P. Topinard 445
"The Ribs of the Gorilla and of. (Misc.) 427
"The Study of. A. Macalister 303
Mann, J. B. Are Business Profits too Large? 100
Maoris, The, of New Zealand.* E. Tregear 781
Marriage and Kinship among the Ancient Israelites. A. B. Ellis 325
Mars, Color Phenomena on. (Misc.) 574
Marshall, William. The Trepang* 515
Mashonaland, The People of. (Misc.) 423
Matches, The Forerunners of. (Misc.) 429
Maxwell, Herbert. Servility in Dress 530
Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough. Habits of the Garter Snake* 485
Meditate, The Disinclination to. (Misc.) 716
Mentone Skeletons, The. (Misc.) 285
Mills, Wesley, M. D. The Natural or Scientific Method in Education* 10
Mineral Industries, The World's. (Misc.) 717
Monod, Gabriel. Ernest Renan; Sketch of his Life and Work. (With Portrait) 831
Morgan, Appleton. The Rotation of the Farm 377
Moss Sponge, The, of an Alaskan Forest. (Misc.) 140
Mount St. Elias Region, Orography of the. (Misc.) 140

"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 799
Nature, The Love of, in America. (Misc.) 858
Nervousness, Modern, and its Cure. Dr. Bilfinger 90
Niagara Falls, the Origin of, Prof. Le Conte on. (Misc.) 138
Nickel and its Uses. J. T. Donald 252
Number Forms.* G. T. W. Patrick 504

Obituary Notes.—Joseph Ernest Renan, George Croom Robertson 288