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Obituary Notes.—C. Schorlemmer, Frederick Schwatka, Robert Grant 432
Richard Owen, W. Mattieu Williams, E. W. Siemens, John S. Newberry 576
John Obadiah Westwood, F. von Hellwald, James Plant, E. N. Horsford, Amédée Guillemin 720
Observatory, The, at Arequipa, Peru. (Misc.) 856
Office, The Insolence of. (Editor's Table) 841

Palæopathology, Notes on.* R. W. Shufeldt 679
Paper-maker, The First German.* E. Grosse 94
Paper, Recent Applications of.* E. Ratoin 207
Patrick, G. T. W. Number Forms.* 504
Peat-bogs, the Bursting of, Cause of. (Misc.) 287
Pepper-raising in Cambodia. (Misc.) 573
Perrott, Georges. The Environment of Grecian Culture 193
Perversity conquered. (Misc.) 859
Physical Education, Free Play in. F. Lagrange 813
Physiological Action at a Distance. (Misc.) 279
Pilgrim, Charles W., M. D. Genius and Suicide 361
Pilsbry, Henry A. Protective Devices and Coloration of Land Snails* 187
Plains in Cold Countries. (Misc.) 859
Plants, The Discovery of the Sexuality of 546
"Wild, Disappearance of. (Misc.) 280
Pole, Exact Point of the. (Misc.) 281
"Nansen's Plan for reaching the. (Misc.) 715
Politics, Evolution in. (Editor's Table) 124
"The Scientific Method in. (Editor's Table) 411
Poor, Charles Lane. A Captive Comet* 350
Population, Rural, The Decrease of. J. C. Rose 621
Posture, On, and its Indications.* T. L. Brunton 26
Prehistoric Fish Weirs. (Misc.) 427
"Trepanning 535
Pringle, Allen. Reasoning Animals 71
Protective Devices and Coloration of Land Snails.* H. A. Pilsbry 187
Psychological Association, The American. (Editor's Table) 844
""""(Misc.) 853
Psychology, Comparative, The Problems of. J. Jastrow 35
"The Two Schools of. (Misc.) 424

Races, The, of Peru. (Misc.) 284
Rain and Irrigation, Relative Value of. (Misc.) 141
Ratoin, Emmanuel. Recent Applications of Paper* 207
Renan, Ernest, Sketch of his Life and Work. (With Portrait.) G. Monod 831
River's Work, A. (Misc.) 860
Roads, Good, and Country Life. (Editor's Table) 412
Robinson, Louis. Canine Morals and Manners 171
Robinson, Mabel P. Habits of Pogonia ophioglossoides. (Corr.) 701
Rock Striation by River Ice. (Misc.) 861
Rocks and Waters of Arkansas. (Misc.) 713
Rose, John C. The Decrease of Rural Population 621