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Rutherfurd, Lewis Morris, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 404

Sabatier, Armand. The Synthesis of Living Beings 49
Sand, To Tie a Rope of. Miss A. L. Carter 248
Sargent, Frederick Le Roy. Economical Trees* 57
Scenery, The Story which, tells. (Misc.) 282
Scheele Monument, The, at Stockholm.* F. Hoffmann 685
School, The Public, and the University. (Misc.) 141
Schools, Grammar, New Studies for. (Misc.) 713
Science, National Characteristics in. (Misc.) 287
"Teaching. F. Guthrie 520
Scientific Amateurs, Value of. (Misc.) 286
"Societies, The, of Italy. W. C. Cahall 107
Seasickness, Cause of, and Remedies for it. (Misc.) 139
Sellers, Edith. The Story of a Colony for Epileptics 663
Shufeldt, R. W., M. D. Notes on Palæopathology* 679
Silicified Wood in Arkansas. (Misc.) 430
Slaves, White, and Bond Servants in the Plantations. A. B. Ellis 612
Snake, the Garter. Habits of.* A. G. Mayer 485
Somers, A. N. Prehistoric Cannibalism in America 203
Soul, The Indo-European Conception of the. (Misc.) 568
Spencer, Herbert. The Inadequacy of "Natural Selection" 799
Star, The New, in the Milky Way 542
Steamer, The First Transatlantic. (Misc.) 424
Stone Hand-hammer, The. (Misc.) 142
Stoves without Flues. (Editor's Table) 704
Suicidal Ingenuity. (Misc.) 863
Suicides, Genius and. C. W. Pilgrim 361
Superstitions about Saturn. (Misc.) 860
"Ancient and Modern. (Editor's Table) 410
"Surviving. (Misc.) 860
Synthesis, The, of Living Beings. A. Sabatier 49

Teaching not a Function of Government. (Editor's Table) 842
Tennyson. (Editor's Table) 265
Terra Cotta Roofing Tiles. (Misc.) 716
Theology, Totemism in the Evolution of. Mrs. C. K. Barnum 395
Topinard, Paul. Man in Nature 445
Trades Unions, English, Arbitration with. (Misc.) 854
Traveling and Camping in Egypt. (Misc.) 714
Trees, Economical.* F. L. Sargent 57
Tregear, Edward. The Maoris of New Zealand* 781
Trepang, The.* W. Marshall 515
Trotter, Spencer. Birds of the Grass Lands* 453
Truffle, The. (Misc.) 861
Tumors, The Early Extirpation of. J. W. S. Gouley 337

Valbert G. The Evolution of the Alphabet 243
Vegetable Malformations, Some.* B. D. Halsted 318
Vegetation of New Guinea. (Misc.) 281