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I N D E X.

Aber, William M. Oswego State Normal School* 51
Africa, East, The Masais of. (Misc.) 574
African, East, Finery. (Misc.) 574
"Pluck. (Misc.) 138
Agaves, The. (Misc.) 282
Air, Solid. (Misc.) 428
Alcohol, The Discovery of, and Distillation. P. E. M. Berthelot 85
Alger, Miss Abby L. Grandfather Thunder 651
American Association Meeting, The, at Madison. (Editor's Table) 841
""Notes from the Madison Meeting of the. (Misc.) 856
""Officers of the. (Misc.) 857
Andria, Alcide T. M. d'. An Ethnologic Study of the Yuruks* 184
Animal Courage, Paradoxes of. (Misc.) 430
"Speech, Studies of. E. P. Evans 433
Animals, Endurance in. (Misc.) 863
"for Pets. (Misc.) 280
"How Plants and, grow. M. Miles 503
Anthropological Material. (Misc.) 857
Anthropology at the World's Fair.* F. Starr 610
Apple Barrel, Decay in the.* B. D. Halsted 76
Asteroids, Origin of the. (Misc.) 140
Australasian Association, The. (Misc.) 712
Author's Protest, An. (Corr.) I. E. Clarke 410

Backward Movement, A. (Editor's Table) 413
Bacteriological Processes against Disease. (Misc.) 143
Benjamin, Marcus. Sketch of Charles A. Joy 405
Berthelot, P. E. M. The Discovery of Alcohol and Distillation 85
Binet, Alfred. The Problem of Colored Audition 812
Boland, Miss M. A. Scientific Cooking 653
Bolton, Henry Carrington, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 688
Books noticed 125
Books noticed 268
Books noticed 415
Books noticed 554
Books noticed 702
Books noticed 845
Alexander, James B. The Dynamic Theory Ball, of Life and Mind 423
Alsop, F. C. Practical Electric-light Fitting 559
Anderson, Winslow, M. D. Mineral Springs and Health Resorts of California 274
Arkansas. Geological Survey, Vol. III 132
Ball, Sir Robert Stawell. An Atlas of Astronomy 560
Bandelier, A. F. Documentary History of the Zuñi Tribe 418
Barnes, Mary Sheldon. Studies in American History 277
Bates, Henry Walter. The Naturalist on the River Amazon 558