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I N D E X.

Aber, William M. Pestalozzianism in America. (Misc.) 566
Air, Fresh, for Legislators. (Misc.) 424
Alaskan Climate, The. (Misc.) 138
Alcoholism, Legal Preventives of. J. Bergeron 391
Alger, Abby L. The Creation: A Penobscot Indian Myth 195
Alp, The First Climbing of an. (Misc.) 142
Aluminum, The Past and Future of. J. Fleury 397
American, North and South, Aboriginal Names. M. V. Moore 81
Ancestors and Gods, Cheating. (Misc.) 718
Ancient Mexican and Hopi Dances. (Misc.) 143
Anderson, Melville B. Sketch of David Starr Jordan. (With Portrait) 546
Animal and Artificial Mechanism. (Misc.) 714
Life, Diversity of Forms and Conditions of. (Misc.) 423
Life in the Death Valley Region. (Misc.) 137
Animals, Industries of.* F. Houssay 594
"the Eyes of, Variety in. (Misc.) 284
Antarctic Regions, Aspects of the. (Misc.) 572
Anthropology at the University of Michigan. (Misc.) 859
Arbitration, International. (Editor's Table) 412
Arctic Rivers. (Misc.) 716
Art, The Earliest Historical. (Misc.) 425
"The Origin of. L. Popoff 827
Ashley, Charles S. The Relation of Evolution to Political Economy 458
Assessments, Special, The Theory of. (Misc.) 428
Athletics and Scholarship. (Misc.) 282
Australia, The Scrub Lands of. (Misc.) 426

Bacteriology in Chemistry. (Misc.) 716
"and the Public Health. (Misc.) 862
Baldwin, J. Mark. The Origin of Right-handedness 606
Bananas, Where, grow.* J. E. Humphrey 486
Barber, Amherst W. The European Law of Torture 648
Beaver Eater, The.* H. T. Martin 811
Beneficence, Why, should not be enforced. (Editor's Table) 845
Bergeron, J. Legal Preventives of Alcoholism 391
Billson, William W. An Illustrative Chapter on Legal Development 802
Biological Laboratory, a Marine, Notes from.* W. S. Windle 449
Biology, Logical Method in. F. Cramer 372