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Social Affairs, State Interference in. S. Nicholson 196
"Problems, The Bearing of the Doctrine of Evolution on. (Editor's Table) 121
South, Invention and Industry at the. B. H. Wise 379
Speeds, Various. (Misc.) 714
Spencer, Herbert. The Late Professor Tyndall 819
Spencer-smashing at Washington. (Misc.) 856
Stephen, Leslie. Ethics and the Struggle for Existence 224
Stoller, James H. (Corr.) Immaterial Science 409
Story, The, of Bob.* D. S. Jordan 145
Superstitions of the French Canadians. B. S. Macdonell 520

Tacoma, Mount. (Misc.) 717
Taxes, Inheritance. (Misc.) 286
Telegraph in France, A Century of the.* W. Lodian 791
Thompson, Daniel Greenleaf. A Critic Criticised. (Corr.) 266
Torture, The European Law of. A. W. Barber 648
Trepanning, Prehistoric. (Misc.) 566
Tropical Forest, Characteristics of the. (Misc.) 139
Trusts, their own Corrective. G. A. Rich 740
Tyndall and his American Visit. E. A. Youmans 502
"Professor. T. H. Huxley 637
"Prof., The Late. (Editor's Table) 552
"Professor, The Late. H. Spencer 819

Unemployed, The. (Editor's Table) 842
Upham, Warren. How Old is the Earth? 153

Vegetarian Pedestrians. (Misc.) 281
Vegetation, Tree-top. (Misc) 282

Wallace, Alfred R. The Ice Age and its Work 681
Wallace, Alfred R. The Ice Age and its Work 781
Walsh, Robert F. The Conservation of our Oyster Supply.* 1
Wandering Jew, The, at the Salpêtrière.* H. Coupin 525
Warren, Lillie Eginton. Speech for Deaf Children 363
Weight, Anomalies in. (Misc.) 860
White, Andrew Dickson, From Creation to Evolution 433
White, Andrew Dickson, From Creation to Evolution 721
Wilson, Sir Daniel, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) H. Hale 256
Windle, William S. Notes from a Marine Biological Laboratory.* 449
Window Lights and their Value. J. L. Greenleaf 354
Wise, Barton H. Invention and Industry at the South 379
Witherbee, Joseph V. An Argument for Vertical Handwriting.* 86
Women in Postal and Railway Service. (Misc.) 712

Youmans, Miss E. A. Tyndall and his American Visit 502

Zimmern, Helen. Criminal Woman 218
""Elisée Reclus and his Opinions. (With Portrait) 402
Zoölogical Garden, The, of Philadelphia. (Misc.) 142