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I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. Timothy Abbott Conrad. (With Portrait) 257
Abrasive Substances. (Misc.) 426
American Association, Meeting of the. (Misc.) 421
""The, at Springfield. (Editor's Table) 846
Ancestor-worship among the Fijians. B. H. Thomson 671
Animals and Plants, Distinction of. (Misc.) 286
"Variation in the Habits of. G. C. Davenport 619
Anthropology, The Growth of. (Editor's Table) 265
Antillean Continent, The Former. (Misc.) 425
Elevations and Depressions. (Misc.) 570
Archaeology in Denmark.* F. Starr 12
Argon: the New Constituent of the Air. J. T. Stoddard 522
The New Element in the Atmosphere. (Misc.) 286
Armadillo, The, and its Oddities.* C. H. Coe 354
Art, Aboriginal, in Copper. (Misc.) 571
"and Eyesight.* L. Howe 458
Astronomical Work of Harvard Observatory. (Misc.) 285

Bactericidal Solar Rays. (Misc.) 281
Balfour's, Mr., Dialectics. H. Spencer 327
Barbara, To. (With Portrait.) D. S. Jordan 538
Baskets, The, of Lichtenfels. (Misc.) 138
Beaulieu, Paul Leroy. The Office of Luxury 25
Benjafield, Harry. Fruit as a Food and Medicine 677
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Survivals of Sun-worship 249
Biological Laboratory at Cold Spring. (Misc.) 139
Birds' Eggs, Coloration of. (Misc.) 710
Birds of Prey, Hunting with.* E. Blanc 818
"The Study of, Out-of-doors.* F. M. Chapman 664
Blanc, Edouard. Hunting with Birds of Prey* 818
Boerhaave, The Illustrious. (With Portrait.) W. T. Lusk 110
Bohn, Grace Green. Steel Engravings as Works of Art. (Corr.) 121
Bond, William Cranch, Sketch of.* (With Portrait) 400
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 268
Books noticed 411
Books noticed 559
Books noticed 701
Books noticed 848
Aërial Navigation, Proceedings of the International Conference on 129
Aëronautical Annual for 1895. James Means, editor 414
Alabama, Geological Survey of. A Report on the Geology of the Coastal Plain of Alabama 564
American Philosophical Society, Proceedings commemorative of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the 851
Angot, Alfred. Les Aurores Polaires 419
Anthony, Gardner C. Elements of Mechanical Drawing 132