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have taken Latin and Greek during the freshman and sophomore years. The new impulses of the century are shown in the fact that the degree of Bachelor of Science is granted in eight different departments or schools. Besides these, courses are also offered in the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Law, the Department of Medicine, the University Hospital, the Auxiliary Department of Medicine, the Wistar Institute of Anatomy

PSM V49 D462 Charles Custis Harrison.jpg
Charles C. Harrison, A. M.,
Provost of the University.

and Biology, the Laboratory of Hygiene, the Department of Dentistry, the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the Museum of Archaeology and Paleontology, the Flower Astronomical Observatory, and the Department of Physical Education. These various departments at present constitute the University of Pennsylvania.

The highest intellectual life of the university is found in the Department of Philosophy, devoted to the work of research and investigation. The courses are open to college graduates, and