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plies the necessary stepping stone for the study of comparative philology, while Hebrew paves the road for any who desire to enter upon the field of Semitic studies. The youngest daughter of Philology—Assyriology—has attained full development with surprising swiftness, and the ruins of a highly developed civilization have been unearthed, accompanied by a unique literature graven in stone and clay. The ancient history of Western Asia has for the first time been placed on a sure footing, thus enabling

PSM V49 D472 George S Fullerton.jpg
Rev. George S. Fullerton, Ph. D.,
Vice-Provost of the University.

us to write one of the earliest and most important chapters in the history of our race.

The university is at present doing much valuable scientific work in the history of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy. Dr. George S. Fullerton, Professor of Philosophy, conducts a graduate course in ancient, mediæval, and modern philosophy, attended by more than sixty students, many of them being connected with the public-school system of the State either as