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I N D E X.

Acetylene, Storing of. (Frag.) 140
"The New Illuminant. V. J. Youmans 786
African Village Scene. (Frag.) 139
Agriculture, Science as a Help to. (Frag.) 426
Air, Compressed, Working in. (Frag.) 569
"Solid. (Frag.) 285
Alaska. (Frag.) 857
Aluminum, Electro-Metallurgy of. (Frag.) 570
American Association, Early Years of the.* W. H. Hale 501
""The Fourth Buffalo Meeting of the. (Table) 845
Americans, Native, The Potter's Art among.* A. D. Le Plongeon 646
Animal Intelligence. (Frag.) 424
Antarctic Continent, Unapproachable. (Frag.) 141
Antitoxine, Short Method for Producing. (Frag.) 425
Appalachians, Northern. (Frag.) 281

Badenoch, L. N. Social Insects* 641
Baldwin, J. Mark. The Genius and his Environment 312
Baldwin, J. Mark. The Genius and his Environment 522
Banking System, On Our. L. G. McPherson 327
Banziris, The, of the Congo Basin. F. J. Clozel 673
Birds, The, at Dinner.* H. E. Richards 337
Blake, I. W. Our Southern Mocker 258
Books noticed 129
Books noticed 272
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 560
Books noticed 703
Books noticed 846
A. I. C. P. Notes. Vol. I, No. 1 710
Addickes, Erich. Kant-Studien 136
Aëronautical Annual. James Means, editor, 708
Aikman, C. M. Milk: its Nature and Composition 277
Allman, Alphonse. Statesman and Demagog 420
American Microscopical Society. Transactions. Vol. XVII 708
Austin, L. W., and C. B. Thwing. Physical Measurements 566
Bailey, L. H. Plant-breeding 274
Beaunis, H., and A. Binet. Année Psychologique for 1895 853
Blair, Thomas 8. Human Progress 850
Bonney, T. G. Charles Lyell and Modern Geology 413
Brittain, John. Teachers' Manual of Nature Lessons 419
Bryan, John. Fables and Essays 566
Burnet, Margaretta. Zoölogy for High Schools and Academies 133
Byars, William V. The Glory of the Garden 710
California Academy of Sciences. Proceedings. Vol. V, Part I 278
Chamberlain. A. F. The Child and Childhood in Folk-thought 129
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Current Superstitions 848
Chambers, George F. The Story of the Solar System 563