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Conspiracy of Silence, An Alleged. (Table) 411
Cordite. (Frag.) 859
Correction. A. (Corr.) J. M. G. Carter 842
Crime, Immigration and. S. G. Fisher 625
Criminal, Professional. (Frag.) 429
Cuba, Physical Characteristics of. (Frag.) 573
Curtius, Prof. Ernst. Death of. (Frag.) 859
Customs, Marriage, of the Shans. (Frag.) 426
"War, Old Madagascar. (Frag.) 856
""Some African. (Frag.) 860

Dana, Samuel Luther, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 692
Daubrée. (Frag.) 718
De Graffenried, Clare. The "New Woman" and her Debts 664
Decimal Computation. (Table) 267
Disease, Preventing the Spread of (Corr.) J. F. C. Lewis 699
"Serum Treatment of. (Frag.) 282
Dogbane and Milkweed. Maud Going 684
Dragon-flies, Convention of. (Frag.) 570
Drawing Upside Down. (Frag.) 861
Drought, Commerce and. (Frag.) 137

Education, a Literary, Natural Science in. A. H. Tolman 98
"Competition Fetich in. (Frag.) 713
"Modern, The Aim of. C. H. Henderson 485
Educational Institutions, Co-ordination of Our. E. H. Magill 176
Educative Value, The, of Children's Questioning. H. L. Clapp 799
Elevation Areas, New Classification of.* (Frag.) 855
Ethical Education, Sociology in. B. C. Mathews 373
Ethics, Scientific, Regeneration and. (Table) 127
Evans, E. P. Sketch of Jacob Moleschott. (With Portrait) 399
Evolution, Horticulture an Object Lesson in. (Frag.) 573
Exaggeration as an Æsthetic Factor. F. Regnault 821
Expert Witness. (Frag.) 712

Ferri, Enrico, on Homicide. H. Zimmern 678
Ferri, Enrico, on Homicide. H. Zimmern 828
Fisher, Sydney G. Immigration and Crime 625
Fly, Tsetse. (Frag.) 423
Flying, Recent Experiments in. (Frag.) 142
Food, Bamboo as a. (Frag.) 138
Frogs and their Uses.* R. W. Schufeldt, M. D. 179

Geography in the Middle Ages. (Frag.) 717
Genius, The, and his Environment. J. M. Baldwin 312
Genius, The, and his Environment. J. M. Baldwin 522
Glass Construction, New. (Frag.) 139
Gout and Genius. (Frag.) 140
Graham, Douglas, M. D. Massage in Sprains, Bruises, and Dislocations 381

Hale, William Henry. Early Years of the American Association* 501
Hardinge. Miss E. M. Dogbane and Milkweed 684