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Books noticed: PAGE
Revista della Beneficenza Publica delle Istituzioni di Providenza e di Igiene Sociale. No. 1 135
Risteen, A. D. The Molecular Theory of Matter 419
Robb, Russell. Electric Wiring 564
Romanes, Mrs. Ethel. The Life and Letters of George John Romanes 415
Romanes, G. J. Examination of Weismannism 852
Roth, Filibert. Timber 417
Rusby, Henry H., and Smith E. Jelliffe. Essentials of Vegetable Pharmacognosy 134
Schoenhof, J. A History of Money and Price 705
Schultz, Frederick W. Politics and Patriotism 566
Schützenberger, P. Les Fermentations 416
Secret of Mankind, The 420
Sedgwick. The Cambridge Natural History. Vol. V 133
— and Wilson. Introduction to General Biology 134
Seeley, H. G. The Story of the Earth in Past Ages 132
Simson, James. Discussions on the Gypsies 135
— Social Emancipation of the Gypsies 135
Sizer, Nelson. How to Study Strangers 280
Smith, George H. The Theory of the State 565
Smith, Oberlin. Press Working of Metals 854
Spencerian Penmanship. Shorter Course in Vertical Writing 709
Stanley, William Ford. Notes on the Nebular Theory 133
Stoddard, Charles A. Cruising among the Caribbees 279
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood 563
Taussig, F. W. Wages and Capital 849
Terrestrial Magnetism. Vol. I, No. 1 418
Textor, Lucy E. Official Relations between the United States and the Sioux Indians 709
Thompson, C. J. S. The Chemist's Compendium 418
Turpin. G. S. Practical Inorganic Chemistry 417
Tyler, John M. The Whence and the Whither of Man 564
Tyndall, John. The Glaciers of the Alps 706
Union College Practical Lectures 852
United States Commission to the Columbian Historical Exposition at Madrid 421
—— Commissioner of Education. Report for 1892-'93 418
—— Bulletin of the Department of Labor, No. 1 135
—— Interstate Commerce Commission. Statistics of Railways in the United States 420
University of Tokyo. The Journal of the College of Science. Vol. VIII. Part II, Vol. IX, Part I 278
Vulté, H. T., and George M. S. Neustadt. Laboratory Manual of Inorganic Preparations 278
Welch, Deshler. The Bachelor and the Chafing Dish 418
White, Andrew D. History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom 560
Whiteley, R. Lloyd. Organic Chemistry: the Fatty Compounds 134
Williams, H. Slater. Geological Biology 276
Williams, R. P. Chemical Experiments 416
Wright, G. Frederick, and Warren Upham. Greenland Icefields and Life in the North Atlantic 275
Wurtz, Adolphe. Elements of Modern Chemistry 279
Zahm, J. A. Evolution and Dogma 414
Bostedo, L. G. Character-Building and the Environment. (Corr.) 407
Botanical Garden, Natural. (Frag.) 713
Business Depression, Present. (Frag.) 712

Cacao Cultivation in Mexico. (Frag.) 718
Cambodian Primary School, A. A. Leclère 688
Camphor. (Frag.) 715
Carter, J. M. G. A Correction. (Corr.) 842
Cell, Some Modern Views of the.* J. E. Humphrey 603
Chamacocos. (Frag.) 430
Character-Building and the Environment. (Corr.) L. G. Bostedo 407
Clapp, Henry L. The Educative Value of Children's Questioning 799
Clozel, F. J. The Banziris of the Congo Basin 673
Cobb, Collier. Some Beginnings in Science.* 763
Communion Cups, Individual. (Frag.) 424