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I N D E X.


Age of Trees, The. (Frag.) 717
American Evolutionist, An Early. C. M. Blackford, Jr.* 224
American People, Are they Civilized? (Table) 123
Ancient Man in the Delaware Valley. (Frag.) 281
Animals' Stores. (Frag.) 281
Animated Pictures. J. Miller Barr* 177
Anthropology, Criminal, in Italy. Helen Zimmern* 743
Antivivisectionists, The Cruelties of. (Frag.) 714
Apostate Democracy, An. F. Smith 654
Archaeology and the Antiquity of Man. Sir J. Evans 93
"Fabric-marked Pottery. F. S. Dellenbaugh* 674
Artesian Wells in Iowa. (Frag.) 570
Astronomy. In a World Half as Large. M. J. Delbœuf 678

Barr, J. Miller. Animated Pictures* 177
Baths, School and Workmen's, in Germany. (Frag.) 568
Baxter, William, Jr. The Electric Transmission of Water Power* 730
Bering Sea Controversy, Expert Testimony in. T. C. Mendenhall 73
Bernard, Mrs. Henry. Feet and Hands* 333
Bernard, Mrs. Henry. Feet and Hands* 522
Berthelot, M. Science and Morals 326
Birds and Farm Pests. (Frag.) 136
Blackford, C. M., Jr. An Early American Evolutionist* 224
Blake, Lady Edith. Aborigines of the West Indies* 373
Blue Jay's Food, The. (Frag.) 862
Books Noticed 130
Books Noticed 269
Books Noticed 418
Books Noticed 558
Books Noticed 706
Books Noticed 846
Ab, The Story of. S. Waterloo 563
Acloque, A. Les Insectes Nuisibles 276
Alabama State Geologist, Report of 423
Andrews, C. F. The Living Substance as Such and as an Organism 709
Animal Electricity. A. D. Waller 711
Anthropology. Religions of Primitive Peoples 273
— Sex Worship. C. Howard 277
— The History of Mankind. F. Ratzel 846
— The Story of Ab. S. Waterloo 563
Arbitration, International. Lake Mohonk Conference 566
Archæology. Certain Aboriginal Mounds of the Georgia Coast 853
— The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States. G. P. Thruston 274
— The Chultunes of Labná. E. H. Thompson 852
Archer, A. The King's Daughter and the King's Son 851
Archibald, D. The Story of the Earth's Atmosphere 424
Architecture. Stones for Building and Decoration. G. P. Merrill 133
Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Part II of Vol. XXVI 424