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Shufeldt, R. W. Chapters of the Natural History of the United States 850
Sight. J. Le Conte 422
Sleep. Its Physiology, Pathology, etc. M. de Manacéine 558
Smith, William G. Tubeuf' s Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic Parasites 132
Sociology, Dynamic. L. F. Ward (second edition) 274
— English Local Government of To-day. M. R. Maltbie 276
— Industrial Freedom. D. M. Means 707
— The King's Daughter and the King's Son. A. Archer 851
Solly, S. Edwin. A Handbook of Medical Climatology 130
Somali Land Mammals 277
Spectrum Analysis. Harvard Observatory Annals, Vol. XXVIII. Spectra of Bright Stars 133
Speech, The Science of. A. M. Bell 423
Stewart's Telegraphic Code 712
Sully, J. Children's Ways 707
Taber, H. M. Faith or Fact 564
Talmud, The Babylonian. M. L. Rodkinsen 566
Tarr, R. S. High-School Geology 852
Tennessee Labor Statistics and Mines. Sixth Annual Report 423
Tenney, D. K. The Cooling Universe Refuted 851
Thompson, E. H. The Chultunes of Labná 852
Thruston, G. P. The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States 274
Topham, T. W. Health of Body and Mind 565
Trelease, W. Botanical Observations on the Azores 566
Troeger, J. W. Harold's Discoveries 853
Tubeuf, K. F. von. Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic. Parasites 132
Tucker, G. H. Education from a Publisher's Standpoint 710
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin for 1896 423
United States Geological Survey. Seventeenth Annual Report 424
Universe, Constituents of. J. E. Atwood 564
University of the City of New York. Extension Bulletin No. 20 424
Value. J. Borden 565
Vincent, G. E. The Social Mind and Education 850
Volcanoes of North America. I. C. Russell 418
Waldstein, L. The Subconscious Self 708
Waller, A. D. Animal Electricity 711
Ward, L. F. Dynamic Sociology (second edition) 274
Waterloo, Stanley. The Story of Ab 563
Water Supply and Public Health. J. H. Fuertes 134
Water Supply. William P. Mason 419
Weather Bureau, Report of Chief of, for Year ending June 30, 1896 424
Weir, J., Jr. The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire 135
Weir, J., Jr. The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire 851
Wild Neighbors. E. Ingersoll 561
Wilson, J. Self-Control, or Life without a Master 711
Wilson, L. L. W. Nature Study in Elementary Schools 853
Wright, G. F. Scientific Aspects of Christian Evidence 706
Wright, L. Induction Coil in Practical Work 566
X-Ray Journal, The American 710
Zoölogy, Elements of Comparative. Kingsley 564
— The Hall of Shells. A. S. Hardy 853
Botany. The Age of Trees. (Frag.) 717
Bow-making, Ingenuity in. (Frag.) 281
Bréal, M. Processes of Change in Pronunciation 188
"The Significance of Language 832
British Association at Toronto, The. D. S. Martin 37
Brooks, W. K. Migration 784
Büchner, L. Scientific Progress in the Closing Century 486
Buck, Winifred. An Experiment in Citizen Training 111
Burs and Beggar's Ticks. S. Trotter* 68
Business through Politics. (Table) 416

Cainguá of Paraguay, The. Dr. Machon 400
Canada, Economical Experiences of. (Frag.) 714
Canada's Oldest Geology. (Frag.) 141
Cavitation and Screw Propellers. (Frag.) 139
Cereal Foods. (Frag.) 571