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MacDougall. Light and Vegetation 193
Malay Language. E. C. Ford 813
Martel, M. E. A. Speleology, or Cave Exploration 255
Martin, D. S. Glacial Geology in America 356
Melinand, M. C. Dream and Reality 96
Mental Defectives and the Social Welfare. M. W. Barr* 746
Meteorology, Climatic Evolution, Laws of 855
"Sahara, Winds of. (Frag.) 717
Miles, Manly, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 834
Mind's Eye, The. Joseph Jastrow* 299
Missouri Botanical Garden, Additions to. (Frag.) 135
Molecular Asymmetry and Life. (Frag.) 139
Mongoose in Jamaica, The. C. W. Willis* 86
Moon and the Weather, The. G. J. Varney. (Corr.) 118
Morgan, J. de. Stone Age in Egypt 202
Morse, E. S. Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments* (Frag.) 712
""Was Middle America Peopled from Asia? 1
Mortillet, Gabriel de, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 546
"""The Earliest Writing in France 542

Names, Technical and Popular. (Frag.) 285
Naples Aquarium, The. (School for the Study of Life under the Sea.) E. H. Patterson 668
Natural History. Catbird, The Coming of the. S. Trotter 772
""Commensals. (Frag.) 716
""Herrings at Dinner. (Frag.) 574
""Origin of a Curious Habit. (Frag.) 286
""School for the Study of Life under the Sea. E. H. Patterson 668
""Scorpion, My Pet. Norman Robinson* 605
""Weasels. W. E. Cram* 786
Natural Selection and Fortuitous Variation. (Frag.) 141
Nature Study in the Philadelphia Normal School. L. L. W. Wilson 313
Nernst Electric Lamp, The. (Frag.) 854
Neufeld, Dr. (Frag.) 140
Nicaragua and its Ferns. (Frag.) 137
Nontoxic Matches, The French. (Frag.) 857
Novicow, J. The Spirit of Conquest 518

Oakley, Isabella G. Playgrounds of Rural and Suburban Schools 176
Observation, The Science of. C. L. Whittle* 456
Ocean Currents, Drift of. (Frag.) 716
Oswald, F. L. Physical Geography of the West Indies 802
Outerbridge, A. E., Jr. Marvelous Increase in Production of Gold 635

Parville, M. H. de. Two Gifts to French Science* 81
Patrick, G. T. W. Should Children under Ten learn to Read and Write? 382
Patterson, Eleanor H. A School for the Study of Life under the Sea 668
Pearls, American Fresh-Water. (Frag.) 859
Pedigree Photographs. (Frag.) 428
Physics. Utilization of Wave Power. (Frag.) 715