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Physiology. Iron in the Living Body. M. Dastre 807
Plant Characters, Changes in. (Frag.) 286
Plant Names, English. (Frag.) 428
Playgrounds of Rural and Suburban Schools. Isabella G. Oakley 176
Pleasure Gardens, Evolution of. (Frag.) 717
Plumandon, J. R. The Cause of Rain 89
Poisonous Plants. (Frag.) 855
Portland Cement. (Frag.) 857
Potteries, Doulton. (Frag.) 430
Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments. E. S. Morse* 712
Psychology. Dreams. Havelock Ellis 721
"Guessing as Influenced by Number Preferences. F. B. Dresslar 781
Pulpit, A Voice from the. (Table) 409

Rabies Bacillus, The. (Frag.) 284
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 163
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 338
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 614
Rain, The Cause of. J. R. Plumandon 89
Rebreathed Air as a Poison. (Frag.) 714
Robinson, Norman. My Pet Scorpion* 605
Royer, Clemence, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) M. J. Boyer 690
Russell's Photographic Researches. (Frag.) 139

Saghalin, The Island of. (Frag.) 285
St. Kildans, The. (Frag.) 284
Scheppegrell, W. Care of the Throat and Ear 791
Science, A Doubtful Appendix to. (Table) 120
"and Culture. (Table) 842
"Christian. The New Superstition. (Table) 557
"Education in. (Words of a Master.) (Table) 699
"Mivart's Groundwork of. W. K. Brooks 450
"The Advance of. (Table) 415
Scientific Instruction, A Short History of. J. N. Lockyer 372
Scientific Instruction, A Short History of. J. N. Lockyer 529
Scorpion, My Pet. Norman Robinson* 605
Seasons of the Year, The. Grant Allen 230
Seeds, Dispersal of. (Frag.) 715
Series Method, The. A Comparison. Charlotte Taylor 537
Shinn, Charles Howard. The California Penal System* 644
Siamese Geological Theory, A. (Frag.) 718
Silkworm Gut, Spanish. (Frag.) 860
Simms, Joseph. Brain Weights and Intellectual Capacity 243
Skeena River, Up the. George A. Dorsey* 181
Smell, The Physics of. (Frag.) 283
Smith, Franklin. Politics as a Form of Civil War 588
Smith, Stephen. Vegetation a Remedy for the Summer Heat of Cities* 433
Social Decadence, An Example of. (Table) 412
Sociology. California Penal System. C. H. Shinn* 644
"Mental Defectives and the Social Welfare. M. W. Barr* 746
"Politics as a Form of Civil War. F. Smith 588
"The Foundation of. (Giddings.) (Corr.) 553