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I N D E X.

Aggression, External and Internal. (Table) 386
Agnosticism and Naturalism, Professor Ward on. H. Spencer 349
Agricultural Education in Foreign Countries. W. E. De Riemer 218
Agriculture: Alkali Soils in Montana. (Frag.) 734
"Manuring with Brains. (Frag.) 731
"Sea Water, Effect of, on Soil. (Frag.) 508
Air Flight, Early Experiments in. M. B. Rivet 603
Alkali Soils in Montana. (Frag.) 734
Allen, Grant, Death of. (Frag.) 389
Amazonian Pygmies, Stories of. (Frag.) 733
A More Excellent Way. (Table) 729
Anarchist, A Paradoxical. C. Lombroso* 312
Anglo-Saxon Superiority. (Frag.) 620
Animals of the Ocean Depths. (Frag.) 736
"Reason? Do. Rev. E. E. Young* 105
"""(Corr.) 122
Annual Flowers. (Frag.) 394
Anthropological Traits, Zola's. (Frag.) 388
Anthropology: Amazonian Pygmies, Stories of. (Frag.) 733
"Anglo-Saxon Superiority. (Frag.) 620
"A Survival of Mediæval Credulity. E. P. Evans 577
"Malay Folklore. R. C. Ford 239
"Origins of the American Races, Professor Putnam on. (Frag.) 507
Appleton, William H., The Late. (Table) 265
Archæology: Athabascan Indian Lodge, An. (Frag.) 392
"Egyptian Exploration, Recent Years of. W. M. Flinders Petrie 625
"Ophir, The Site of. (Frag.) 736
"Vinland and its Ruins. C. Horsford* 160
Art Form, The Study of. D. Cady Eaton* 685
"Value of the Study of. G. Perrot 204
Artificial India Rubber. (Frag.) 136
Astronomy, Advance of, in the Nineteenth Century. Sir R. S. Ball 289
"Forenoon and Afternoon. C. F. Dowd 492
"Gegenschein, The. (Frag.) 618
"Scenes on the Planets. G. P. Serviss* 337
Athabascan Indian Lodge, An. (Frag.) 392

Bacteria of the Dairy. (Frag.) 284
Ball, Sir R. S. Advance of Astronomy in the Nineteenth Century 289