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Baxter, William, Jr. What makes the Trolley Car go* 316
Baxter, William, Jr. What makes the Trolley Car go* 408
Baxter, William, Jr. What makes the Trolley Car go* 564
Becker, W. F., M. D. The Morbid Sense of Injury 596
Birds, Busy. (Frag.) 138
Blind Fishes of North America. C. H. Eigenmann* 473
Books Noticed 126
Books Noticed 268
Anthropological Institute of Great Britain, Quarterly Journal of 277
Astronomy, Elements of Practical. W. W. Campbell 129
—Stars and Telescopes. D. B. Todd 132
Barrett, John. The Philippine Islands and American Interests in the Far East 133
Beeman, W. W., and Smith, D. E. New Plane and Solid Geometry 273
Binet, Alfred. The Psychology of Reasoning 274
Biology. Living Organism, The. A. Earl 131
Botany. California Plants in their Homes. A. M. Davidson 130
—Plant Relations. J. M. Coulter 131
British Race, The Story of the. J. Munro 272
Buckley, J. M. Extemporaneous Oratory 270
Bullen, F. T. Idylls of the Sea 271
Campbell, W. W. Elements of Practical Astronomy 129
Chemical Jurisprudence, Notes on. H. Huntington 133
Cities, Growth of, in the Nineteenth Century. A. F. Weber 126
Civil Engineers, Proceedings of the American Association of. April, 1899 278
Cope, E. D. Vertebrate Remains from the Port Kennedy Deposit 133
Coulter, John M. Plant Relations 131
Cragin, Belle S. Our Insect Friends and Foes 273
Croke, W. J. D. Architecture, Painting, and Printing at Subiaco 134
Crook, James K. Mineral Waters of the United States and their Therapeutic Uses 127
Dalton, D. How to Swim 277
Davidson, Alice M. California Plants in their Homes 130
Diet in Illness and Convalescence. A. W. Winthrop 271
Earl, A. The Living Organism 131
Economics. Liquor Laws, Centralized Administration of. C. M. L. Sites 275
Electricity. Accumulators, Small. P. Marshall 276
Entomology. Butterflies, Everyday. S. H. Scudder 128
—Insect Friends and Foes. B. S. Cragin 273
Erlingsson, T. Ruins of the Saga Times 277
Fish and Fisheries, Report of United States Commission of, for Year ending June 30, 1898 276
Fiske, John. Through Nature to God 268
Gardiner, C. A. Our Right to Acquire and Hold Foreign Territory 134
Gellé, M. E. L'Audition et ses Organes 128
Gelman, F. H. Elements of Blow-pipe Analysis 279
Geological Survey, United States, Eighteenth Annual Report 272
Geometry, New Plane and Solid. Beeman and Smith 273
Heilprin, A. Alaska and the Klondike 270
History of the American Nation. A. C. McLaughlin; 129
Huntington, H. Notes on Chemical Jurisprudence 133
Idylls of the Sea. F. T. Bullen 271
Insect Friends and Foes. B. S. Cragin 273
Interstate Commerce Commission, Tenth Annual Report of 276
Jacoby, J. The Object of the Labor Movement 279
Knowledge, Methods of. W. Smith 273
Kruger, F. T. A Step Forward 275
Labor Movement, The Object of the 279
Leonard, J. W. Who's Who in America 274
Lucas, F. A. The Hermit Naturalist 133
Luquer, L. McI. Minerals in Rock Sections 130
McLaughlin, A. C. History of the American Nation 129
Marshall, P. Small Accumulators 276
Mathematics. Trigonometry, Elements of. H. C. Whitaker 130
Medicine. Transactions Wyoming State Medical Society. First and Second Regular Meetings 279
Memory, The Philosophy of, and Other Essays 274