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Books noticed: PAGE
Mineralogy. Blowpipe Analysis, Elements of. F. H. Gelman 279
—Colombia, The Ores of. H. W. Nichols 132
—Crystals, The Characters of. A. J. Moses 129
—Microscopic Identification of Minerals in Rock Sections. L. McI. Luquer 130
Mineral Waters of the United States. James K. Crook 127
Montaigne on the Education of Children. L. E. Rector 278
Moore, J. H. Better World Philosophy 276
Morehouse, G. W. The Wilderness of Worlds 131
Moses, A. J. The Characters of Crystals 129
Munro, John. The Story of the British Race 272
Naturalist, The Hermit. F. A. Lucas 133
Nichols, H. W. The Ores of Colombia 132
Oratory, Extemporaneous. J. M. Buckley 270
Philosophy, Better World. J. H. Moore 276
—Through Nature to God. John Fiske 268
Physiology. Hearing and its Organs. M. E. Gellé 128
Port Kennedy Deposit, Vertebrate Remains from. E. D. Cope 133
Psychologique, L'Année. A. Binet 278
Psychology of Reasoning, The. A. Binet 274
Railway Statistics in United States, Tenth Annual Report of Interstate Commerce Commission 276
Reasoning, The Psychology of. A. Binet 274
Reason, The Dawn of. J. Weir, Jr. 275
Rector, L. E. Montaigne on the Education of Children 278
Saga Times, Ruins of the. T. Erlingsson 277
Scudder, S. H. Everyday Butterflies 128
Sites, Clement M. L. Centralized Administration of the Liquor Laws 275
Smith, D. T. The Philosophy of Memory and Other Essays 274
Smith, W. Methods of Knowledge 273
Southern Magazine, The 278
Subiaco, Architecture, Painting, and Printing at. W. J. D. Croke 134
Swift, M. L. Anti-Imperialism 134
Swim, How to. D. Dalton 277
Todd, D. B. Stars and Telescopes 132
Weber, Adna Ferrin. Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century 126
Weir, J., Jr. The Dawn of Reason 275
Whitaker, H. C. Elements of Trigonometry 130
Who's Who in America. J. W. Leonard 274
Wilderness of Worlds, The. G. W. Morehouse 131
Winthrop, Alice W. Diet in Illness and Convalescence 271
Witt, H. Fundamental Principles of Nature, Some Observations on the 132
Wyoming State Medical Society, Transactions of First and Second Regular Meetings 279

Botanical Garden's Museum, New York. (Frag.) 733
Botany: Annual Flowers. (Frag.) 394
"Genuine Starch Factories. B. D. Halsted* 716
"Plant Names, English. (Frag.) 140
"The New Field of. B. D. Halsted 98
Briggs, C A. Is the Christian Religion Declining? 423
Brooks, W. K The Wonderful Century 25
Broom as a Spreader of Disease, The. (Frag.) 734
Bunsen, Death of. (Frag.) 281

Calcium, Metallic. (Frag.) 283
California, Forestry in. (Frag.) 509
Cambridge University. (An English University.) H. Stotesbury* 14
Canals, Future of the New York. (Frag.) 735
Carbonic Acid and Climate. (Frag.) 621
Carrington, James B. Winter Birds in a City Park* 366
Cements, Action of, on Sea Water. (Frag.) 733